Summary of this Week's Website Enhancements

The past few days have brought another series of improvements and added features to our website. We're not done yet, there's a lot of cool stuff yet to come!

What we've already implemented...

Comments Tab

The new Facebook Comments Tab is now listed on all of our product pages. Use this new tab to instantly write a review, give a tip, or simply post a woot! using your Facebook account.

Support Forums Header Design

There's now an updated look to our Customer Support & Community Forum site to match the look & feel of our home site. You can also click the logo to return back to the home page at any time.

Live Chat

Although it was added a few weeks ago, Live Chat is still a new feature. Click the Support Tab on the left side of your browser from any page at Answer a few questions and if a chat rep is available, select the live chat option. Otherwise you can continue with a standard support ticket and we will contact you as soon as possible.

SEO Short Links

Links to product and category pages have been shortened and cleaned up for simple and easy to remember urls. For example, the old format looked like this:

The new format is much more efficient, following the format:

Meta Keywords & Descriptions

Our product database has been updated with important meta data to help boost search engine results with sites such as Yahoo or Google. This should help our new customers find what they're looking for at the best possible source!

Gas Gas OEM Parts

The Gas Gas OEM parts file has been imported to our online parts database and these items are ready to order! Tell your Gas Gas friends that there's an all new source for their OEM Parts & Accessories!

What we're working on...

Facebook Login

Logging into our site using your existing Facebook or Open ID account will save you tons of time and open our site up to millions of new customers.

Free Supercross Tickets

We are just about to release a new Facebook & Twitter contest using Wildfire Promotion Builder. You could win free Supercross tickets!

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