Mathias Bellino to Complete Husaberg Factory Team

The 19-year old MX-rider from France joins his compatriot Pela Renet to represent the Husaberg Factory Team in the Junior class in 2011.
Mathias was competing in the French Elite MX1 Championship this season where he managed to claim the runner-up spot in the last GP of the series. Besides that he also contested ten MX1 World Championship rounds whereat he managed to score points in three rounds. Not bad results for a 19-year old coming back to racing after being sidelined for half of the 2009 season due to injury. 

Although Mathias was always racing motocross he also followed the Enduro racing scene and as quite some French top MX riders changed over to Enduro in recent years his interest in this discipline of offroad racing kept growing. So he got in contact with French Enduro legend Eric Bernard, who already successfully coached Pela Renet to become a top contender of the EWC within only one year, who liked the idea of taking on the challenge of transforming another MX- into an Enduro rider, and this time a really young one. 

Eric organised a test with Mathias and was convinced right away that he has the talent to become a top contender in Enduro in the years to come. As Eric will be running the Husaberg Enduro Team in France next year, and was looking for an additional rider to join Pela Renet in the team anyway, he offered the spot to Mathias, who gratefully accepted. “After I talked to Eric about the possibility to switch to Enduro he organised a test for me and I’m really happy that it worked out well. We found an agreement and I’m really looking forward to racing Enduro next year. I know it will be difficult to be competitive right away, but as I’m still young I can start in the Junior class and I will work hard together with Eric to progress as fast as possible.” Mathias joyfully announces. 

But Mathias will not only take on the strong French Junior riders in the French Enduro Championship, where Mathias is aiming for nothing less but claiming the title in 2011, but will also join the Husaberg Factory Team to compete in the Junior class of the EWC. 

“We were still looking for a Junior rider for our team at that time so when Eric informed us about his promising test with Mathias we decided to offer him a spot in the Factory Team as well. For sure it’s going to be a tough first year for Mathias in the EWC but there’s no better way to learn than racing against the best in the world right from the beginning.” Husaberg Team Manager Thomas Gustavsson comments the decision. 

“When I received the proposal to become part of the Husaberg Factory Team that was really more than I have hoped for. As I was already following the EWC during my MX career I knew that they are a very professional team so I didn’t hesitate to take this chance. “ Mathias states and continues “Of course the EWC will be a big challenge for me next year, but still my goal has to be to finish the championship on the podium. I believe that the Husaberg FE 450, which I will be racing, is the perfect bike to achieve this goal. I was really impressed by its easy handling and the very tractable engine characteristics, I definitely like this bike.”

Mathias Bellino.
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