Sumter Enduro Race Report From GasGas's Stephen Edmondson

The Sumter Enduro is always a real test of how good of shape you are in with its constant sand whoops. The first section of the race was used for their hare scramble race the weekend before it reminded me of a GNCC in Florida very fast and really rough.  The next couple of sections where much tighter with some fast sections mixed in  which was a blast.  The section after the main gas stop was the longest of the day at 14 miles.  I had a couple of tip overs in this section nothing major.  The next  section was tough the track was taking its toll on everyone at the last restart everybody was saying they were glad it was almost over.  This was the first time I really had good conditions to test the Gas Gas 300 and I was really pleased with how it went.  I wound up finishing 5th overall against a stacked field. I guess my next race will be the Sand Lapper Enduro in about a month wich has to be one of the funest enduros I have ever done.  Hope to see you there.

Stephen Edmondson
Rocky Mount, VA 

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