Gas Gas Offroad US Race Report from the Sandlapper

After a long cold winter and plenty of time off the bike I'm really excited that Spring is just around the corner and racing season is cranking up in a BIG way.
Two weeks ago I raced the SE&TRA Cherokee enduro in Greensboro Ga. and had a solid warm up race for this past weekend's round one of the National Enduro Series in Pelion SC.
But Wow!! ... I have to say the the soreness is still setting in from the hotter than expected temperatures and the always deep whoops at the Sandlapper. I raced this race for the first time back in 1978, so you'd think I would be use to the conditions by now, but it was still a rough and very tough race (ouch... that kinda makes me sound old doesn't it : )
Anyway, the BIG NEWS I'm very proud of is we had 24 Gas Gas Offroad motorcycles enteredin this years event as compared to only a handful entered in round 1 of the 2010 series! 
Also, I'd like to congratulate our team rider Stephen Edmonson on a very solid 11th place overall finish against some extremely stout competition. 
Western US Gas Gas specialist Chuck Ware is already headed to Florida for the 70th anniversary festivities of Bike Week and I'm rolling out later today. I'll likely be riding the 50 plus class in the morning race of the GNCC next Tuesday and then saddling up at the Alligator on Thursday.
So, if you're coming to Bike Week be sure to look up Chuck in his Gas Gas wrapped Ford van and me as I'll be in my maroon / gray Ford van pulling the trusty old enclosed trailer.
Thanks for supporting Gas Gas Offroad US.
See you at the races,
P.S. - One more thing... I had to share this quote from Mid-South racing legend Harvey Whitaker. Here's what he had to say after only his second race aboard a Gas Gas XC 300.
 "After two hours of racing I've decided that this is the best woods bike I've ever been on!
 It turns through the tightest woods with the least amount of effort, just think you want to turn and you are going in a new direction.The motor makes four stroke like power better than most four strokes. It will chug down low when you need every last amount of traction, then it will kick in the after burners so  I can pass other riders in much shorter distances without  having to just out run them through a straight.  It gives me the option to make a pass as soon as the opening is there, and with the bike being so much lighter, I can brake later than I'm used to,  giving me another chance to get the front wheel past another rider going into a turn."  
Clay Stuckey | National Sales Manager
Gas Gas Offroad US
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