Super National Racing Round 1 Full Race Report


The Lewis Automotive Frosty Sludge Season Kickoff Round 1 fired off in Beckley West Virginia on Saturday February 26th and for the Month of February the weather and terrain could not have been better!

In addition to our pro payouts, Super National Cross Country Championship is paying amateur racers at each event! At Round 1 in Beckley WV!
SNCC paid out over $2,137.00 to Amateurs racers!

SNCC also handed several certificates for several of winners at round 1 such as Acerbis Gold, Silver and bronze Cards! Along with tons of other stuff including Lewis Automotive, EVS, Dirt Tricks, UFO, Rocky Mountain, Appalachian Off-road and more!

The race took place at Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park which provides a premier facility for these types of events. The staff at the Rock was very involved and without them the event could have not went smoother.

Bill and his crew setup some great tracks from Pee Wee’s to Adult’s, Also on site for the weekend we had Donnie help to make sure things were perfectly in place for a seamless event course.

Considering racing in the month of February in the State of West Virginia we had a great turn out with over 174 racers for the kickoff! Lots of other racers made it out to the event but told us they didn’t get there machines ready in time, but said they would be at round 2 in March at Summersville, WV! Look for a huge turn out coming this March!

The tracks held up really well, other than the hardcore hill climb that the Adult Motorcycles and Quads had to challenge! SNCC Crew had to go in and create alternate route to route racers around the very technical hill; all though lots of good racers were able to dominate the hill which had lots of rocks through out it! The average adult lap time was around 28 minutes, although many of the pro racers were able to tackle it within 22 minutes. Some of the amateur racers were running it at about 30 minutes per lap.

The UTV Course was a slammer and long! With the fastest lap turned by team JAMES ALLEN 20:12! I think out of all the UTV racing out there we laid out the best UTV track yet within the industry, the course was around 12 miles long and provided a little bit of everything but was designed to make sure the UTV guys didn’t tear them expensive machines up! JAMES ALLEN was able to pull off 3rd place overall, with GREG DACIL right in front of him in 2nd place! JUSTIN FLEMING was able to put the power to the trails pulling off the WIN at round 1 in the UTV overall!

The all new Mini Muscle Quad race kicked off the event on Saturday Morning! The Mini Muscle Quad race is a new addition, for brand new beginner kids and the registration is free! Its gives little ones who have no experience an opportunity to come out and begin to learn racing without enter the woods! The Mini Muscle Quad course consist of field racing, but gives little ones a safe but yet great experience to enjoy this fine sport.

Top 3 Overall Mini Muscle Quad Racers



Following the Mini Muscle Quad Race was the Mini Quad race with more advanced little ones which had a more technical course that also went into the woods! The Mini Quad racers were challenged with a pretty tough mud hole! I am not sure were BRYAN WALKER came from but he is on fire! Watch out for this little guy this season!!! CHASE CASTO was putting up a fight running around 11 secs behind Walker, but was not able to pull off catching Walker!

Top 3 Overall Mini Quad Racers

The adult quad race brought us some very good racing, On lap 1 KRUZ WHITE checked in first overall but sometime on is second lap he dropped of the race and Can AM’s BRYAN BUCKHANNON pulled from 10th overall to 1st overall on lap 2 and lead the race the entire day with BILLY PRINE finishing behind BUCKHANNON followed by CHARLIE JOHNSON t the checkered flag!

Top 3 overall Adult Quad Race




On Sunday Morning which is our Motorcycle racing day at each event the PEE WEE race kicked off the morning! With EZRA PRINE leading the entire race followed by LOGAN DODRILL!!!

Following the PEE WEE race the Youth Bike racers fired off in our Acerbis Starting line!
Our youth bike race went over a course that was about 5 miles long! AARON BARTHOLOW led the entire Youth overall race, followed by TYLER MCCARTY and JOHN PAPPA….

Wrapping up the weekend was the Adult Bike race on Sunday evening, with the world famous CHARKIE HUEGEL winning overall followed by JASON SIPE and JUSTIN WILLIAMSON! The adult bike race was tough but yet awesome! The hill also brought some troubles to some of the bike racers, with some taking the goat trail around!

Top 3 Adult Bike overall:

The Super National Cross Championship could have not gone smoother and the fans, racers and staff really made it a winning weekend! The southern parts of West Virginia really dished out some southern hospitality and we can’t name one racer or fan that didn’t thank us and for that my folks that is a winning weekend! We really enjoyed racing at Burning Rock and will return again in June! Make sure you head over to Summersville, WV in March for the round 2 Dirt Days!

One thing you got to do is check out some of the awesome Videos and Photos out there of the event! Racers traveled from all over the east coast to come race the SNCC and round 2 will be by far larger! We have started receiving emails by the hundred and our website clicks have tripled this week!

Round 1 of the SNCC marked the official opening of the all new but yet world famous Super National Pin Up Fly Racing Girls! At Each event we will be bringing In new and random trophy girls! Stay tuned for details on our up and coming round 2 Pin ups to appear in Summersville, WV

Several racers are headed south to Florida and Georgia this weekend for the GNCC season opener! Good luck and be safe and will see you all back in West Virginia this March at Round 2 of the SNCC at Dirt Days!

Make sure to visit our round 1 photos taken by the world famous Michael Quick of Michaels Photography de Nemours! He really got some awesome photos which are on his website to view and available to purchase prints and he offers other items that are not listed such as fat heads for your wall!

ATV / UTV Saturday photos

Motorcycle Sunday photos

Also the well known crew came out to the event and filmed the motorcycle race and have launched an unreal totally great video make sure to stop by and view the video online at

Also Passion 4 Dirt out of Wilmington, NC came out to Round 1 of the SNCC and captured some great photos! View them photos on there facebook at!/album.php?id=172002404877&aid=334016

Revma Media made it all the way from Kentucky to video the entire race weekend!
they got footage of Motorcycle, ATV and UTV racing! Stay tuned for this video coming soon to supernationalracing.comand it will also be aired on fax sports on TV during the Slingin’ Dirt television series! Visit them online at

Not only did racing get underway this weekend but several fans and racers took the Burning Rock Zip line! Make sure to make it out in June for the ride of your life hanging by the longest fastest cable on the east coast!

That’s it for now racers and fans keep it safe and will see you in Summersville, WV this March for Round 2 Dirt Days!

Super National Cross Country Championship!

A Great big Thanks to all of our 2011 Sponsors!


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