Husaberg's Oriol Mena Clinches Spanish XC Championship

3rd consecutive title for the Spanish Husaberg factory rider.
After clean sweeping the first 4 rounds of the 5 round championship Oriol just had to finish inside the points in the final round to take home his 3rd consecutive Spanish XC title. 

This task actually sounded easier than it was because of the injury Oriol suffered during round 4 of the championship 2 weeks ago. He hit a rock during the race with his right hand resulting in a deep cut and a blood-soaked glove, but while he still won the race the real set-back was only revealed later on when an X-ray showed that his little finger was broken into 3 pieces. 

Therefore Oriol didn't risk anything at this final round, just one week ahead of the start of the Spanish Enduro Championship and only two weeks ahead of the start of the EWC, and simply did what it took to finish the race inside the points. He finished the race in 6th position and took home his 3rd consecutive Spanish XC title. 

Making his debut for the Husaberg Spain squad was Argentinian Junior rider Kevin Benavides, who will be racing the Spanish Enduro Championship as well as some EWC rounds. After arriving in Spain last week he used this XC round as preparation for the start of the Enduro season and finished on the podium in 3rd position. 

Although winning the title Oriol was of course not really happy because of his injury: "I achieved my first goal of this season, defending the XC title also on the new 2-stroke bike, but the injury at the last round was really stupid. It was just a little mistake but with a big negative effect. I hope that I don't have to do surgery on the finger, but that's not sure yet. There's 4 important races coming up in the coming 4 weeks so in any way I'm not going to be 100% fit which is a real shame." 

Race Results      
Rider   Bike  
1. Juan Pérez de la Torre   KTM  
2. Jordan Curvalle   Sherco  
3. Kevin Benavides   Husaberg  
6. Oriol Mena   Husaberg  
Final Standings      
Rider   Points  
1. Oriol Mena   115  
2. Jordan Curvalle   108  
3. Miquel García   90  


Oriol Mena 

Oriol Mena 

Kevin Benavides
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