Johnny Aubert in a Class of his Own at Turin

Johnny Aubert in a class of his own at Turin
KTM Enduro Factory Team racer Johnny Aubert was in outstanding form on Sunday when he and other team members raced in the Italian Enduro Championship round in Turin for essential track competition ahead of the start of the 2011 World Championships.
"Aubert was incredibly fast and made no mistakes," said team boss Fabio Farioli who underlined that it had been a very tough race for all competitors. Continuous rain before the race had made conditions treacherously muddy and even though organizers cut the laps from four to three it still was a strength sapping affair. 
"It was not raining during the race but it had been raining on the days and night before the race and this made conditions soft and muddy and very difficult for all the riders. Also the Enduro test was very tough and 11 minutes long." 
Just off the podium in fourth place overall was KTM's Extreme Endurist Taddy Blazusiak. Eero Remes and Thomas Oldrati both looked like they were going to have spectacular results at the end of lap two,  both got stuck in the mud in the final lap and list one and two minutes respectively while freeing up their bikes. KTM supported riders from the Farioli team, junior rider Jonathan Manzi won the 125 class and Alessandro Belometti won the 500 class. 
The team's E3 world champion David Knight was at home in the UK competing in the British Sprint Championship and won both rounds on Saturday and Sunday to be well on his way to defending his title in this competition.         
Aubert erxcels in pre season race in Italy
Double win for David Knight in British Sprint Enduro
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