Brad Bakken Race Report Round 2 Cajun National Enduro

I was excited going into the next round of the National Enduro series in LA because we raced there in 2009 and I took a 2nd place. The first test of the day had a lot of old concrete roads in it because it used to be a military training camp. This was a challenge, because you were not sure if you were on concrete or dirt. I made an error going through two tight trees and high sided onto a slab of concrete. I landed hard on my hip and slid along the concrete.  My hip continued to bother me the rest of the event, but, I kept pushing forward.   In the second test I struggled a bit to get my flow going. It was a mix of hard ground and loose dirt on top. This made it hard to push because the conditions being so slick. The following two tests I liked better because they were a little faster and old beat up trail. I think racing the first two GNCCs helped me in the rough trail. The 5th section was similar to the second test and I continued to struggle with the hard packed conditions. I knew going into the last test Lafferty and I were close to each other in time so I put my head down a charged hard through the whole test. This test suited me very well reminding me of the first enduro in South Carolina. It was tighter and a little more technical then the rest of the day. I ran the second fastest time behind Bobbitt, which put me into 6th place overall for the day, only 8 seconds behind Duvall.  I am currently in 2nd place in points (tied with Mullins) and am looking forward to the next round in Texas in 2 weeks!

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