Summersville West Virginia, SNCC Round 2 Brings Big Smiles

Summersville West Virginia, SNCC Round 2 brings big smiles!

First of all we have noticed that over 75% of our series racers are wearing Fly gear! Please make note that you need to fill out the Fly Contingency form and you will earn Fly points!!!! You haft to fill out the form and send it in or you will not receive the FLY Credits!


From the first class lodging to the exotic animals and the trendy racing, everyone walked away with some type of a big smile this past weekend!!!


First of all SNCC would like to thank each and every one of you racers and fans for coming out and spending your weekend with us at the Ranch!

This past weekend Lucas joined the DK Crew and some other SNCC crew members in designing and building a top flight course! The results were a tough, but yet all around 100% true hare scramble racing course! The course reminded several racers and fans of parts of the old Black Water 100 with a touch of the new snow shoe mountain!


From the start of the race racers were twisting and turning all the way to the woods as the tried to gain that lead before entering the woods. Once entering the woods the challenge in front of them was very tough!


Starting at Mile Marker 1 all the way to Mile Marker 3 racers tackled a course that has water dips, smaller rocks, down hills and tighter woods sections.

At mile marker 3 ? racers turned right into what we call scrambler hill were they was sent through the first rock garden section which was kind of like battling your way through a maze. Racers that hung left and was able to make it through saved time and racers that hung right still had a lot of challenge but cost some time!


A Little after mile marker 4 racers came upon the most difficult challenge of the day! They had the option to try and make it through the mud hole to save time or hang right which cost them more time, either way you chose you had to battle your way through the ultimate rock garden and once you made it through the rock garden you had to hang left up over a log onto the hill!

Racers than got freed up a little for a about a mile then got into a rougher trail that had a lot of woops and rocks, once making it through that section they cam upon our enduro section of tires which was kind of sweet!


After making the tires racers went up what we call Ryan?s stairway to heaven into a field section were racers were able to open it up and relax for a few miles!!!

Entering into the woods at mile maker 7 racers began fighting the rocky trails which lead them into the Scoring zone!

Well that?s it for now folks, see you in Charleston WV for Round 3in April!



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