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Brilliant closing stage maneuver wins Philipp Oettl 1st Round Red Bull Rookies Cup 20
Drawing on all his last season's experience in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, 14 year-old German rider Philipp Oettl on Saturday made a masterly second last lap move to steal victory in the first round of the 2011 competition on the MotoGP racing circuit of Jerez, Spain. Philipp is the son of former 125 GP rider Peter Oettl.
Oettl played a cat and mouse game with South African Brad Binder in the closing stages of the race after Binder had claimed pole and led throughout.  He sat behind the South African waiting his moment and then made the challenge with less than two laps to go. He forced Binder to out-brake himself and go wide the slipped through the gap and headed for the checkered flag. 
Oettl made a fine recovery from a bad start to get into the action early in the race. "I had to work hard in the opening laps to get back up into second but then I could find a good rhythm. I just kept going as fast as I could without making any mistakes and the bike was working very well so I felt good about catching Brad. As I caught him I was thinking that I would have to pass him on the brakes into the last corner but I had the chance at the end of the back straight and I took it." 
In contrast, Binder had a brilliant start and looked like being a certain winner for most of the race. But clearly Öttl had a plan. When the race entered its last quarter he continually closed the gap, shaving tenths of a second off each lap until the two riders were locked in battle two laps from the flag and separated by just 0.17 seconds.  Oettl's move was perfectly timed and gave the South African no time to make a counter challenge. Oettl and Binder, both experienced Red Bull Rookies had the race largely to themselves and crossed the line 14.5 seconds ahead of the rest of the field at the conclusion of the 16-lap race.  Alan Techer of France completed the podium. 
It was a great opening to the fourth edition of this competition, which has proved to be the perfect fast track training for riders wanting to graduate to the small engine Moto GP categories. There are 14 races on the calendar in 2011.   
The 25 talented teenagers from 14 countries will be on the track in Jerez again on Sunday for Round 2 in this competition that is a perfect training ground for future stars of the professional racing circuit. Each Red Bull Rookie competes on identical KTM RC 125 machines. 
Results Round One  1. Philipp Oettl, Germany, 30 minutes 23.400 seconds  
2. Brad Binder, South Africa, +0.567  
3. Alan Techer, France, +14.692  
4. Lorenzo Baldassarri, Italy,  +22.052  
5. Florian Alt, Germany,  +27.579  
6. Arthur Sissis, Australia +29.964  
7. Xavier Pinsach, Spain,  +30.054  
8. Aaron España, Spain, +30.214  
9. Javier Orellana, Britain,  +40.625  
10. Lukas Trautmann, Austria,  +40.703    
14-year-old Philipp Oettl celebrates winning Rd.1 of the 2011 Red Bull Rookies Cup

Australian Arthur Sissis steals Round 2 of Red Bull Rookies Cup
Arthur Sissis rode a superb race on a track that started out wet to win the second round of the Red Bull Rookies Cup on the Jerez racing circuit in Spain on Sunday. Saturday's winner Philipp Oettl of Germany was second and Spanish teenager Aaron Espana completed the podium.
Starting in wet conditions and on wet weather tires, the young riders had conditions very different to Saturday's first round on the Spanish circuit and as the race progressed many ended up having a close encounter with the gravel on the edge of the track. But for the 15-year-old Australian, who is an experienced speedway rider it was almost a grid to flag victory. He took the lead before the first lap was complete and settled in to the business of completing an error-free race in conditions that many found hard to master. "I just went for it and once I got in front watched out for the pit board and as I could see the gap was getting bigger I was happy," said Sissis. "Later on in the race the track started drying out so I tried a few different things. I was pushing harder going into the corners and I found I could go a bit quicker. I've not got any experience road racing in the rain and I don't know if I can do the same thing in the dry but I'm going to try and be at the f ront in Estoril." 
The Rookies tested in similar wet conditions on the Estoril circuit in Spain before the season and the Australian was also the fastest there. He gradually built up a comfortable lead even though on many occasions there was mayhem behind him as many riders made untimely exits. Philipp Oettl, who won on Saturday, rode a sensible race to finish section but unlike in round One when he managed to slip past leader Brad Binder of South Africa in the final stages, he was unable to close the gap and take on the Australian. Oettl, son of former 125 GP rider Peter Oettl can still be satisfied with his race weekend as he now leads the championship standings in this 14-race series run parallel to the MotoGP calendar. 
Going into the final stages, the most consuming battle was for third but in the final shakeout it was Espana who took the final podium place. 
Results Round 2  
1. Arthur Sissis, Australia, 33 minutes 04.008 seconds  
2. Philipp Oettl, Germany, +3.010  
3. Aaron España, spain, +4.024  
4. Kevin Argino, Italy, +18.138  
5. Joakim Niemi, Finland, +21.288  
6. Kyle Ryde, Britain, +34.693  
7. James Flitcroft, Britain, +49.132  
8. Ivo Lopes, Portugal +51.252  
9. Joe Roberts, USA, +57.435  
10. Max Enderlein, Germany +1'13.742    
Championship standings after Rounds 1 & 2 
1, Oettl, 45 
2, Sissis, 35 
3, Espana, 24 
4, Brad Binder, 20 
5, Lorenzo Baldassarri, 17 
Pics Red Bull
Australian Arthur Sissis celebrates Rd. 2 victory
Comfortable 3 second victory for Sissis in Jerez
Philipp Oettl of Germany second on Sunday to take championship lead
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