Brad Bakken Race Report Round 3 National Enduro Series Texas

I headed out to Texas straight from the North Carolina GNCC with Paddy Holloway, Andrew Delong and Brandon Bolling. We went straight to Cole Kirkpatricks house to get cleaned up. The Kirkpatricks are a super nice family and took us out to their ranch to do some riding. After two days of riding at the ranch I realized it was going to be a really difficult race because it has been really dry which makes the ground super slippery. When we got to the race on race day, it was about 70 degrees out and felt great. The start of the first section was wide open then went into a tight brush section that didn't flow that well. The second section was a lot more fun and was a nice fast flowing test, but the dust was extremely bad which made it hard to catch the riders on the rows in front of you. The 3rd test was in canyons and you had to go under low trees and was very rocky. This test had no flow at all and I struggled really bad which made me fall back out of the top 5. The next two sections I felt good in but never could get a good rhythm. By this time in the day it was around 95 degrees and really windy. But, in the last test I put my head down and just push through the end. I came out with the 4th fastest time which gave me a 6th place finish for the day. I am kinda bummed on how I rode, but this is the best finish I have had in Texas by far so I can't be to upset. Now its off to South Carolina for the Big Buck GNCC next weekend.

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