Motorex Makes Racing Oils Available to Public

Motorex’s new Racing Line offers the exact formulations that previously have been available only to race teams sponsored by the brand.

The Racing Line is used by the following teams:

  • Rockstar Makita Suzuki SX/MX,
  • Rockstar Makita Suzuki AMA Superbike,
  • Redbull KTM,
  • Motoconcepts Yamaha,
  • BTO Sports/BBMX/Palmetto Suzuki, and
  • Team Eleven10 Mods.


Racing Pro 4T engine oils are available in two viscosities — 0w40 and 15w50.

Motorex says the 0w40 viscosity delivers “top horsepower” in Japanese sportbike and motocross engines and has been tested to add as much as 2 hp in a 450cc motocross race engine.

The Racing Pro 4T 15w50 viscosity is designed for Triumph and KTM race engines.

Both viscosities are available in 1-, 4-, and 25-liter sizes.

Also available is the new Motorex Racing Brake Fluid, which delivers a 563 degrees F/295 degrees C dry boiling point and a 383 degrees F/195 degrees C wet boiling point. Motorex developed the fluid specifically for extreme race use. It comes in a 500-milliliter can.

Manufacturered in Switzerland, Motorex products are distributed in the U.S. by Parts Unlimited and Tucker Rocky and available from

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