2011 Enduro World Championship Update

Continuing his strong start to the ’11 EWC season Frenchman Pela Renet claims two impressive podium results in the competitive Enduro 2 class while Swede Joakim Ljunggren ups his pace to grab a five/four result in Enduro 3
With hot weather, dusty, rocky terrain and two days of punishing racing the second round of the ’11 Enduro World Championship turned out to be every bit as demanding as the season opening GP of Spain. But there was one notable difference that for many made the event the toughest yet this season – a hugely challenging, all natural, extreme test. Playing a key roll i n deciding the final finishing order in all classes the extreme test at the GP of Portugal took no prisoners, with even the smallest of mistakes proving costly. 

One rider who learned all too well just how important it was not to make mistakes on the extreme test was super fast Frenchman Pela Renet. Making a superb start to his ’11 EWC campaign in Spain, Renet again delivered the goods in Portugal claiming a two/three scorecard and making life extremely difficult for eventual day one E2 class winner Johnny Aubert. Just 20 seconds behind the former E2 world champion going into the final test of the day, Renet came unstuck on the final extreme test but nevertheless managed to hold onto a well deserved runner-up result. 

‘I’m really happy with the way I performed on the first day,’ explained Pela. ‘I only made two mistakes and finished on the podium in second. Before the last extreme test I was just 20 seconds behind Aubert, which I was really pleased with, and despite my mistake I still got the runner-up position. It was a tough day but my bike was great and to finish second was fantastic.’ 

Fast and consistent again on day two Renet battled for the runner-up position, but frustratingly also made a mistake on the final extreme test. Falling in the exact same place as on day one Renet saw a second runner-up result slip from his grasp as he was overtaken by countryman Antoine Meo. Although managing to hold onto third Renet was understandably disappointed at having not managed to repeat his impressive day one result. ‘I had a great fight with Meo and Guerrero on day two but again in the final extreme test I made a stupid crash, in exactly the same place as day one. Before the final test I was six seconds ahead of Meo so to finish behind him is a little disappointing, but third is not so bad. It’s been a great start to the season. I am fighting with the riders at the top of the E2 class and I hope I can continue doing that for the rest of the year.’ 

With the rough and rutted enduro test and technical extreme test frustrating many riders, for Swede Joakim Ljunggren it was exactly what he had hoped the Portuguese event would bring. Making things difficult for himself following a fall on the Friday night Super Test, Joakim got stuck into things on day one and after a largely cautious opening lap was soon working his way up the results sheets. ‘It’s been a good weekend for me, despite the bad start when I crashed during the Super Test on Friday night. I think that was still on my mind at the start of the first day because I was a little tense on the enduro and motocross tests and didn’t ride as well as I should. But the extreme test was really good for me and I was able to take back some of the time I lost. Then when the enduro test started getting rougher I got faster there too. I was seventh before the last extreme test and finished the day fifth, which I was really happy with.’ 

Intent on improving his day one result while continuing to enjoy the tough conditions, Joakim pushed hard throughout the second day and helped by impressive performances on the extreme test placed just one position off the podium in a creditable fourth. 

Husaberg’s second official Enduro 3 class rider Oriol Mena once again battled through the pain barrier as he secured two point scoring rides despite riding with multiple fractures in the little finger on his left hand. Finishing with seventh and fifth place results Oriol, like Joakim, was pleased with the way his weekend turned out. 

‘It’s been a good race, not too difficult but certainly not easy,’ explained the Spaniard. ‘The extreme test played a big part in deciding the results at this race and on day one I made a big mistake on the final lap. My finger was much better than in Spain, so I was able to push harder throughout both days. Day two was better and I’m happy with my results.’ 

One Husaberg Factory Team rider who didn’t enjoy such a good weekend was Enduro Junior class rider Mathias Bellino. Well aware that sooner or later his lack of extreme test experience would get the better of him, in Portugal he struggled to match his impressive results from the season opener. ‘It wasn’t the greatest of weekend for me, which after such a strong start to the championship is a little disappointing. I just couldn’t get into the enduro test on day one and I found the extreme test really hard. The motocross test was fine, but the extreme was a real shock. 

‘On day two I was leading after two tests but then in the extreme test I lost 20 seconds and dropped to around 15th. I had two more crashes in the enduro test, did some damage to my bike, and had a lot of work to do. It was a difficult day. I did manage to win the motocross test on the second and third laps but I was only able to finish seventh. I knew that I would need some time to get used to extreme tests but I just didn’t take good lines this weekend.’ 

Enduro World Championship 2011 
Grand Prix of Portugal – Day one 

Enduro 2 
1. Johnny Aubert (KTM) 55.46:01; 2. Pela Renet (Husaberg) 56.19:72; 3. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 56.41:61; 4. Antoine Meo (Husqvarna) 56.42:04; 5. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 57.27:62; 6. Simone Albergoni (Husqvarna) 57.48:48; 7. Sebastien Bozzo (Kawasaki) 58.17:83; 8. Hans Vogels (Husaberg) 58.37:21; 9. Jeff Goblet (Yamaha) 58.48:49; 10. Antoine Basset (Yamaha) 58.55:23… 12. Aaron Bernardez (Husaberg) 59.19:75 

Enduro 3 
1. David Knight (KTM) 56.31:93; 2. Mika Ahola (Honda) 56.36:12; 3. Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) 56.40:40; 4. Seb Guillaume (Husqvarna) 57.47:51; 5. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 58.00:70; 6. Marcus Kehr (KTM) 58.02:56; 7. Oriol Mena (Husaberg) 58.23:24; 8. Jordi Figueras (Gas Gas) 58.38:94; 9. Mark Tarkkala (Husaberg) 58.50:11; 10. Juan Perez (KTM) 58.57:83… 13. Jakob Morhed (Husaberg) 1.00:25.79 

Enduro Junior 
1. Antti Helsten (KTM) 57.45:99; 2. Mari Roman (KTM) 58.20:91; 3. Benoit Fortunato (Yamaha) 58.23:23; 4. Jeremy Joly (Honda) 58.23:63; 5. Romain Dumontier (Yamaha) 58.24:02; 6. Victor Guerrero (Yamaha) 59.01:22; 7. Henrick Lindholm (Honda) 59.21:46; 8. Johan Carlsson (Beta) 59.35:10; 9. Luis Oliveira (Yamaha) 59.38:99; 10. Edoardo D’ambrosio (Honda) 59.40:34… 14. Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg) 1.00:21.81; 17. Mathias Bellino (Husaberg) 1.00:32.88 

Enduro World Championship 2011 
Grand Prix of Portugal – Day two 

Enduro 2 
1. Johnny Aubert (KTM) 54.39:62; 2. Antoine Meo (Husqvarna) 54.47:84; 3. Pela Renet (Husaberg) 54.50:46; 4. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) 54.52:29; 5. Ivan Cervantes (Gas Gas) 55.29:51; 6. Simone Albergoni (Husqvarna) 56.19:11; 7. Antoine Basset (Yamaha) 56.27.98; 8. Oscar Balletti (Beta) 56.43:75; 9. Sebastien Bozzo (Kawasaki) 57.02:96; 10. Jeff Goblet (Yamaha) 57.06:94… 11. Hans Vogels (Husaberg) 57.15:32 

Enduro 3 
1. Mika Ahola (Honda) 54.24:38; 2. David Knight (KTM) 54.41:49; 3. Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) 54.47:18; 4. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 55.57:68; 5. Oriol Mena (Husaberg) 56.23:26; 6. Marko Tarkkala (Husaberg) 56.56:75; 7. Alex Salvini (Husqvarna) 56.57:34; 8. Alessandro Botturi (Gas Gas) 57.04:08; 9. Jordi Figueras (Gas Gas) 57.37:05; 10. Fabio Mossini (Beta) 57.57:87… 13. Jakob Morhed (Husaberg) 1.00:06.49 

Enduro Junior 
1. Antti Helsten (KTM) 56.11:98; 2. Jeremy Joly (Honda) 56.47:32; 3. Victor Guerrero (Yamaha) 56.57:45; 4. Romain Dumontier (Yamaha) 56.58:30; 5. Jonathan Manzi (KTM) 57.12:61; 6. Calle Sjoo (Honda) 57.20:59; 7. Mathias Bellino (Husaberg) 57.26:64; 8. Johan Carlsson (Beta) 57.32:44; 9. Mario Roman (KTM) 57.35:72; 10. Edoardo D’ambrosio (Honda) 57.41:35… 16. Kalle Svensson (Husaberg) 58.58:87; 18. Kevin Benavides (Husaberg) 59.14:60 

Flying High: Pela Renet on his way to a superb double podium result in the E2 class 

Second best: Renet was a deserved runner-up at the end of the opening day 

Rocky delight: Joakim Ljunggren was one of only a few riders who enjoyed the extreme test 

Charging hard: The Portuguese enduro test became rough and rutted 

Tough times: Mathias Bellino found the extreme test tough but once again excelled on the motocross test
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    Eero Remes finishes 2-1 on Rd. 3 and 4 of the E1 world championship
    KTM Enduro factory rider Eero Remes of Finland wrapped up a good weekend on Sunday winning Round Four of the E1 World Championship to go one better than his second placed podium on Saturday. Rounds 3 and 4 were held in Val de Cambra in Portugal.
    Team boss Fabio Farioli said Remes had been a very strong performer all weekend. "Today Remes made no mistakes and he was very fast in the extreme test," he said, adding that this had been one of the most difficult in this weekend's competition.  
    Thomas Oldrati, the team's Italian rider also claimed a fifth and fourth finish for valuable championship points. Remes is close behind leader Juha Salminen in the overall standings, trailing the powerful Finn by 15 points.  
    The younger KTM riders were also strong for the Portuguese rounds with Antti Hellsten of Finland claiming victory on both days in the EJ class to complete a perfect score of 100 points for the four rounds so far held. KTM supported rider Jonathan Manzi of Italy finished fifth on Sunday but also won the Youth Cup category. 
    E1 Rd. 3 Saturday  
    1, Juha Salminen, Finland, Husqvarna  
    2, Eero Remes, Finland, KTM  
    3, Rodrig Thain, France, Honda  
    4, Matti Seistola, Finland, Husqvarna  
    5, Thomas Oldrati, Italy, KTM  
    E1 Round 4  
    1, Eero Remes, Finland, KTM  
    2, Juha Salminen, Finland, Husqvarna  
    3, Rodrig Thain, France, Honda  
    4, Thomas Oldrati, Italy, KTM  
    5, Fabien Planet, France Sherco  
    E1 Standings after Rd. 3 and 4 
    1, Salminen, 97 points  
    2, Eero Remes, Finland, KTM, 82  
    3, Thain, France, 74  
    4, Thomas Oldrati, Italy, KTM, 65  
    5, Gaultier, 56 and 4 
    EJ Rd 3 Saturday  
    1, Antti Hellsten, Finland, KTM  
    2, Mario Roman, Spain, KTM  
    3, Benoit Fortunato, France, Yamaha  
    4, Jeremy Joly, France, Honda  
    5, Romain Dumontier, France, Yamaha 
     Youth Cup Rd. 3 Saturday  
    2, Jonathan Manzi, Italy, KTM  
    EJ Rd 4 Sunday  
    1, Antti Hellsten, Finland, KTM  
    2, Jeremy Joly, France, Honda  
    3, Victor Guerrero, Spain, Yamaha,  
    4, Romain Dumontier, France, Yamaha  
    5, Jonathan Manzi, Italy, KTM (also wins Youth Cup) 
     EJ Standings after Rd. 3 and 4  
    1, Antti Hellsten, Finland, KTM 100 points  
    2, Joly, 76  
    3, Jonathan Manzi, Italy, KTM, 68  
    4, Guerrero, 64  
    5, Bellino, 58 
     EW Rd. 3 Saturday  
    1, Ludivine Puy, France, Gas-Gas  
    2, Lala Sainz, Spain, Honda  
    3, Blandine Dufrene, Gas-Gas  
    4, Heike Petrick, Gemany, KTM  
    5, Sandra Gomez, Spain, Husaberg  
    EW Rd 4 Sunday  
    1, Ludivine Puy, France, Gas-Gas  
    2, Laia Sanz, Spain, Honda  
    3, Blandine Dufrene, France, Gas-Gas  
    4, Geraldine, Fournel, France, KTM Freeride Concept  
    5, Marion Gimbert, France, KTM  
    7, Heike Petrick, Germany, KTM  
    9, Carmen Segura, Spain, KTM  
    EW Standings after Rd. 3 and 4  
    1, Puy, 100 points  
    2, Sanz, 88  
    3, Dufrene, 80  
    4, Gimbert, KTM, 60  
    5, Petrick, KTM 60  
    Successful weekend for Eero Remes in Portugal
    Remes in action on the tough Portugese track
    Solid results for Thomas Oldrati
    Back to back wins for Antti helsten in EJ
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    Johnny Aubert returns to winning glory in Portugal in E2 class
    KTM Enduro Factory rider Johnny Aubert came out this weekend and silenced any doubters with two overwhelming wins in Round 3 and 4 of the E2 World Championship in Vale de Cambra in Portugal, proving that he is a real professional and able to put the team's bad start to the season behind him and get on with the job of winning races.
    Aubert was consistently on top of the tests on both days and after Saturday's victory said. "It was a very difficult day but it turned out perfect for me and for the team. The extreme tests were very hard but I didn't make any mistakes. It was very important to get a good result today because of the problems we had last week." 
    Brimming with confidence, Aubert went out and did it all again on Sunday on a track that was, according to team boss Fabio Farioli, very difficult. "There were a lot of bumps today and there was a lot of soft terrain," he said. 
    Aubert's teammate Cristobal Guerrero of Spain, who, like the Frenchman rides the KTM 350 EXC-F had a strong weekend with a podium third on Saturday and a fourth place on Sunday. 
    E2 Results Round 3 Saturday 
    1, Johnny Aubert, France, KTM 
    2, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, France, KTM 
    3, Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, KTM 
    4, Antoine Meo, France, Husqvarna 
    5, Ivan Cervantes, Spain, Gas-Gas    
    E2 Round 4 
    1, Johnny Aubert, France, KTM (back-to-back wins from Aubert in Rds. 3 & 4) 
    2, Antoine Meo, France, Husqvarna 
    3, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, France, Husaberg 
    4, Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, KTM 
    5, Ivan Cervantes, Spain, Gas-Gas 
    E2 Standings after Rd. 3 & 4 
    1, Meo, 90 points 
    2, Renet, 80 
    3, Cervantes, 76 
    4, Albergoni, 64 
    5, Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, KTM 58 
    7, Johnny Aubert, France, KTM 50 
    Johnny Aubert returns to his winning ways
    Good weekend for Cristobal Guerrero
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    The injured Knighter still the KTM E3 hero in Portugal
    David Knight, who injured his hip in Round 1 of the E3 World Championship in Spain last weekend made an amazing comeback this weekend to ride through the pain to score a 1-2 for the two competition rounds in Val De Cambra in Portugal.
    Riding with the help of pain killers, David showed he is much more than just a superb rider to take the top step on the podium on Saturday, after which he said. "I was first in all the tests but the Enduro was very difficult. There were deep lines and lots of dust so it was hard to see. I think this was one of the hardest races I have ever had, especially in the last lap when I started to stiffen up. I took some pain killers before the race but really had to dig deep to concentrate. Now I just have to get through tomorrow and I can rest up and decide what to do about the injury." 
    And get through Sunday he did. Knighter came home in second place after another courageous ride where a lot of the race he had to stand up on the pedals, certainly no easy task given his injury. His weekend rides garnered him 47 championship points, but above all sent a signal to his opponents that he is still in the business of winning E3 races. He now has a chance to rest up until the next round of the competition set for Italy in a month's time. Taddy Blazusiak, who injured his thumb last week in Spain did not race this weekend.  
    E3 Rd 3 Saturday  
    1, David Knight, Britain, KTM 
    2, Mika Ahola, Finland, Honda  
    3, Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas  
    4, Sebastien Guillaume, France, Husqvarna  
    5, Joakim Ljunggren, Sweden, Husaberg  
    Taddy Blazusiak did not start (injured thumb from rounds 1 & 2 in Spain) 
    E3 Rd 4 Sunday  
    1, Mika Ahola, Finland, Honda  
    2, David Knight, Britain, KTM  
    3,  Christophe Nambotin , France, Gas-Gas  
    4, Joakim Ljunggren, Sweden, Husaberg  
    5, Oriol Mena, Spain, Husaberg  
    E3 Standings after Rd. 3 and 4  
    1, Ahola, 97 points  
    2, Nambotin, 84  
    3, Ljunggren, 65  
    4, Mena, 63  
    5, Tarkkala, 60  
    7, David Knight, Britain, KTM , 47 points 
    Tough and talented - David Knight rides through the pain to finish 1-2 at Portugal
    DAvid Knight in E3 action
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