Brad Bakken Race Report Round 4 Big Buck GNCC

After the Texas Enduro, I spent the training at Paradise Park, the Plessinger family's facility in GA. There's a huge motocross track and endless woods there so the riding was awesome. On Friday we drove up to Union, SC for the GNCC. We prepped my bike on Saturday, making sure everything was good to go. Sunday morning Andrew Delong and I walked some of the course. 

At the start, I got a good jump into the first turn, but I slid while trying to cut to the inside which killed my drive into the second turn. After all of the field sections I was about 6th going into the woods. Jordan Ashburn got around me and I tried to latch onto his rear wheel. Towards the end of the first lap I had passed Delong in a tight section. Barely even a half a mile later, I hit my knee on a tree, breaking my knee brace in half.  I tried to ride another lap with my broken knee brace, but it was pushing into my leg so I had to pit and take it off. Because I had to take off my boot and pants to get the brace off, I lost a lot of time and moved back into 8th place from 4th. It was weird riding without a knee brace on one leg - I couldn’t grip the bike with my legs as well and I felt like I was riding all over the place. I pushed my hardest and ended up coming back to 6th place by the end of the race.  I'm not happy with my result but I realize it could have been much worse. I'm happy to be sitting in 4th place in points but I want to be up with the leaders during the races.  

Also, I would like to thank Fly Racing for stepping up and giving me gear to finish out the season. This was the first race I've worn their gear and it was awesome! Just a huge thanks to those guys for helping me out; I really appreciate it. 

Now I’m off to Tennessee for the 4th round of the National Enduro series. See you guys there!  -Brad

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