Brad Bakken Race Report - GNCC Round 5 Rock Run

I was excited about getting to race a brand new track in this series since no one really knew what the

terrain would be like. Given the name Rock Run, I was expecting a rocky course and a definite survival

race. It ended up being one of the fastest races I had ever ridden with a few rock garden sections plus

hidden rocks.


I had to kick my bike 4 times to get it started off the line placing me in dead last from the very start. My

first lap was pretty hectic; I had to get around most of my class to get back to the front runners. When

I caught up to Jason Thomas I could see all of the other guys in front so I knew I was in good shape. I

ended up passing a couple of riders placing me in 3rd for the third lap. I kept charging hard and got into

the 2nd place spot by the end of that lap. I followed Jesse for a while before hitting a rock and high siding

into some cut over. It took some time to get my bike out of the woods and get going again. Steward

Baylor caught me while I was down taking a second to catch my breath. Andrew Delong also caught up

and we rode together for the last two laps. About two miles from the finish I knew I needed to make a

charge to get around Andrew. I found a line, got around him, and tried to push hard to the end to keep

my spot. I crossed the finish line with a 3rd place in XC-2 and a 9th overall, which is my best result to date,

so I was very excited.


I had a great time at the first Rock Run race and I’m also excited for this coming weekend where I am

racing on the Factory KTM team for the Perry Mountain 24 hour race.


See you guys there!



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