Brad Bakken Race Report - VCHSS Tidewater 100

It is nice going to a Virginia race for many reasons; hour and a half drive, been racing this season since I was three, a lot of friends, the list goes on and on. So in other words I was excited to be able to race my second VCHSS race of the year.


Off the start I snagged the hole shot and tried to build a gap on the other riders. I pulled about a 2 minute lead at the end of the second lap, which made it easy on us for my pit stop. Barney Perry and David Modlin helped me in my pit and told me I had a good lead and to just ride smart. So, the next two laps I just rode smooth and tried to not make any mistakes because the track was getting rough and it was in the 90s. I was happy to win the race with a minute and a half lead and walk away safe.


It was really good to be able to see all of my friends and win the race. I also was able to sell more of my T-shirts for my ISDE fundraising (also available here). I also raced in my Jett Boots for the first time and they are amazing! I would really like the thank Rick at Jett for helping me out. Now I’m heading to Wyoming for the next round of the National Enduro series, see you guys there!

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