Brad Bakken Race Report Round 6 National Enduro Series Wyoming

At the National Enduro this past weekend in Upton Wyoming, I was having a solid race until the 5th section.  About 3 miles in, I was going down a straight away 4th gear pinned when I hit an unexpected breaking bump flipping me over the bars. After I was done tumbling, I jumped back up and ran to my bike. (Luckily, my Arai helmet saved me from head trauma because after the race I had bruises to my forehead, but, not even a headache.)  As soon as I picked up my bike I realized something was seriously wrong with my wrist. I laid on the ground until the sweeper riders came and rode me to the start of the check, were they drove me out on a four wheeler.

I went to the hospital in Wyoming and then in Rapid City, South Dakota, they told me I was seriously injured and that I needed to fly home immediately.   I flew home Monday night.  I went to the orthopedic doctor this morning and he gave me the bad news.  I dislocated the lunate bone in my wrist and tore all the ligaments connecting the bones from my hand to my wrist.  The doctor said that my injury is the worst type of injury you can have to your wrist.  Because of the severity of the injury I am having surgery tomorrow (Wednesday, June 22).  The doctor will reset the bone and put 4 pins in the ligaments to reconnect the tissue. 

Because of the length of recovery, 4-6 months, the result is I will not be able to compete in the ISDE or the remaining GNCC or National Enduro rounds.  I am really disappointed because this has been my best season to date.   I am already planning my training for next season and want to come back stronger than ever. 

My experience in Wyoming was very difficult; however, if it was not for Paddy Holloway, Andrew DeLong and Mike Lafferty’s support it would have been extremely hard. 

I would like to thank everyone for supporting me this year and helping me with my efforts to go to the ISDE. I especially want to thank my mom and dad for their support and KTM, Appalachian Off-Road MC, Fly Racing, Factory Connection, FMF Racing, Enduro Engineering, Kenda, Renthal, Scott, Jett, Arai and Hellion Designs, Bullet Proof, Clockworks, Ride PG, Tire Balls, EVS, Clever Lever, JS Design, and Mandingo Pickles.  I am motivated more than ever to come back next season even more fit and ready to race. 

Brad Bakken

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