Roczen & Cairoli Brilliant in Sweden GP!

Roczen supremo in Swedish MX2 GP

Ken Roczen once again put his own stamp on the MX2 class at the GP of Sweden on Sunday when he pulled off two overwhelming victories in both motos to pick up more silverware for his trophy cabinet.


The younger of Red Bull KTM Teka’s two teenage riders Jeffrey Herlings also put in two solid rides for a 3-2 moto result and second overall. While the Dutch teenager got out of the gates well and put in two good races he was unable to keep pace with his German counterpart who completely shut out all opposition on the tricky Uddevalla track.


Roczen’s performance in the opening moto on the Swedish circuit was pure copybook. Starting on pole as the fastest qualifier, Ken took the holeshot, led the race right to the checkered flag and crossed the line 18 seconds in front of second placed Gautier Paulin. To the delight of his team and the many KTM fans at the Swedish circuit, the young German went out and repeated the performance again in commanding style in the second moto to give him is eighth career GP win since he started racing MX2 mid season in 2009. Roczen can now look forward to going to his home GP in Teutschenthal Germany next weekend where he will be supported by a huge number of local fans.


Also impressive on his return to the track after a prolonged injury break was the third member of the Red Bull Teka KTM squad, Jeremy van Horebeek of Belgium.  He finished 5-9 for overall seventh place in the GP to send a strong signal that he is back and ready for good results. Jeremy said he was quite stressed returning to racing after such a long break and this cost him some strength. He said he was a disappointed not to have done better in the second moto but was pleased to be back on what he described as his ‘awesome’ bike.


Ken Roczen: I had two good starts and that helped me. I rode really smooth and I didn’t even have the feeling that I was pushing hard but I was still making the fastest lap times. It was definitely a great feeling. I didn’t make any big mistakes. I just tried to get better and I want to do it again next weekend. It’s all about riding smooth and smart.”


Jeffrey Herlings: Today I didn’t want to make any mistakes. My strongest point has been consistency and to keep up with that I knew I had to finish second or third. So I was second today and I am really happy about that. I had good starts this weekend and that was what I was looking for so the hard work is paying off.


Jeremy van Horebeek: “The first heat was good. I came from the back and finished fifth. I was on the wheel of the fourth rider but I just didn’t have the reserves to pass him. I missed the start of the second moto and I crashed at the beginning of the race so I had to come back from the last place. I got back to ninth and I did some good lap times.”


Ken Roczen now has a commanding lead in the championship standings with 351 points, followed in second place by Jeffrey Herlings with 337. Jeremy van Horebeek has collected 59 points to be at 19th place even though he has completed in only two GPs this season because of his injuries.


MX2 Results
1, Ken Roczen, Germany, KTM
2, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM

3. Gautier Paulin, France, Yamaha
4, Max Anstie, UK, Kawasaki
5, Christophe Charlier, France, Yamaha
Other KTM
7, Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, KTM
8, Nicholas Aubin, France, KTM
15, Jake Nichols, UK, KTM
16, Nick Triest, Belgium, KTM
17, Jordi Tixier, France, KTM 

MX2 Standings
1, Ken Roczen, Germany, KTM, 351
2, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM, 337

3, Tommy Searle, UK, Kawasaki, 286
4, Gautier Paulin, France, Yamaha, 276
5, Zachary Osborne, USA, Yamaha, 234
Other KTM
9, Nicholas Aubin, France, KTM, 178
10, Joel Roelants, Belgium, KTM, 166
13, Jordi Tixier, France, KTM, 91
15, Nick Triest, Belgium, KTM, 68
16, Jake Nicholls, UK. KTM , 66
18, Jose Butron, Spain, KTM , 62
19, Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, KTM, 59
20, Pascal Rauchenecker, Austria, KTM, 55

More silverware for Roczen

Roczen jumps in front of KTM fans

Strong and consistent result for Jeffrey Herlings

Good comeback from injury for Jeremy Van Horebeek

03/07 2011

Cairoli takes third in MX1 of Sweden: wins back red plate

Red Bull Teka KTM MX1 factory rider Tony Cairoli finished third in the GP of Sweden at the Uddevalla circuit on Sunday but even more important than the podium, the Italian reigning world champion secured enough points to take the coveted red plate as championship leader for the first time this season.


Cairoli has had some minor but debilitating injuries that have at times hindered a full training program but has been slowly but surely been picking up points.


The Italian had a spectacular ride in the first moto after crashing in the chaos of the first corner. With dozens of bikes and riders descending on him he crouched low an amazingly came out unscathed, dusted himself off, checked the levers on the handlebar and took off in pursuit of the rest of the field. Trailing right at the back of the field, Tony then put his head down and picked of riders one by one until he was up with the leaders. With only two laps to go he was up to challenging championship leader Clement Desalle, admittedly riding with an injured shoulder this weekend. He finally slipped past the French rider and went on to finish the first moto in fifth place, but still had taken enough points to claim the provisional red plate. The stage was set for thrilling second moto.


Tony had a better start in the second moto and spent most of the race in third place, however Desalle, who is his toughest rival for the title was locked back mid field. In the end the KTM rider powered his 350 SX-F into second place but by his own admission, no longer had the strength to close the gap on eventual winner, Steven Frossard of France.


Cairoli’s teammate Max Nagl, who was a spectacular second fastest in qualifying on Saturday was unable to convert this good performance into a podium result in the GP. He crashed while in third place in the first moto and had another encounter in the second. He finished with a 7-10 result in the two motos and is still fourth in the championship standings.


Tony Cairoli: “I had a good start in the first race and I was following Rui Goncalves on the downhill then I didn’t expect his move. He braked hard and I braked. It was very slippery and a lot of mud so the front wheel slipped away and I crashed. Everyone was hitting me but when I stood up I realized I wasn’t injured, just a few scratches and the bike was okay. In the second heat I was very tired from having to pass so many people in the first race. But this is a good GP, I like the track, its one of my favorites and now I won back the red plate so it was a good weekend.”


Max Nagl: “The start was not so perfect in the first race but I came from tenth to third and my lap times were really fast but then I had a small crash. After that I couldn’t find my rhythm. I finished seventh but I wasn’t riding well. I was already tired before the second race and I was again going well at the beginning but I crashed again and it was the same as in the first race. This is not where I want to be at the moment but I need to sort out some problems.”


MX1 Results
1, Steven Frossard, France, Yamaha
2, Evgeny Bobryshev, Russia, Honda
3, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM
4, Ken de Dycker, Belgium, Honda
5, Steve Ramon, Belgium, Suzuki
Other KTM
10, Max Nagl, Germany, KTM

MX1 Standings
1, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM, 322
2, Clement Desalle, Belgium, Suzuki, 312
3, Steven Frossard, France, Yamaha, 300
4, Max Nagl, Germany, KTM, 250
5, Evgeny Bobryshev, Russia, Honda 244

Cairoli reclaims red plate

Nagl in action at Uddevalla

Cairoli on the chase

03/07 2011

Heroic ride returns Martin Bauer to IDM Championship lead

Martin Bauer was the KTM hero of the day at the Salzburgring this weekend when the KTM Superbike riders contested the IDM (German International Superbike Championship). Bauer, riding with a badly injured hand rode to a 2-4 finish in the two races to reclaim the lead in the overall standings


In Saturday’s practice it was not certain that Bauer would be able to ride on Sunday even though he was the fastest of the three KTM supported riders on the speedy Austrian circuit where the fastest riders clock in excess of 190 km/h. Bauer finished seventh fastest on Saturday in what is his home race while Stefan Nebel of Germany, returning after an injury break was tenth. The third of the trio of riders of the KTM RC8 R Superbike, Matej Smrz of the Czech Republic was 16th, but only 0,8 seconds off the front row times.


Race one on Sunday produced an absolutely outstanding performance from Martin Bauer. On Friday it was far from certain that he would be able to race at all and the team said they would decide session by session whether it would be possible to have him on the track. Two things combined to allow the Austrian to compete on Sunday – perfect support from his team of physiotherapists and his unbelievable will to ride. He went out, rode like a champion and finished second behind fellow Austrian Michael Ranseder but in front all his major rivals. With Carl Muggeridge finishing only in tenth place, Martin already reclaimed the standings lead after race one and he did in in front of the admiring eyes of KTM management and more than 500 KTM employees who went to the circuit situated near the company headquarters in Mattighofen.


Bauer was so exhausted after the race he could barely move. The effort of riding without full use of his right hand and therefore having to exert more pressure with his legs to stabilize the bike on the 4. 2 km circuit with a top speed of more than 300 km/h had completely drained him but attracted huge admiration from the many KTM fans who came to see him ride.


Stefan Nebel finished strongly in sixth place and also had to fight against the pain of his still healing shoulder and collarbone injury. Matej Smrz also rode well to move from the fourth row into the top ten, battling with Australian Rider Muggeridge. Smrz picked up five points for his eleventh place.


Race 2:

The 10,000 spectators were excited to see Bauer get away well also in the second race to be third at the end of the first lap. Ranseder overtook him but he managed to stay in touch with the three front riders and was in fourth place when rain stopped the race. This earned him another 13 points to extend his lead over Muggeridge to 12 points. While Bauer’s epic ride on Sunday will go down at KTM as one of the bravest, the Austrian now has three weeks break to help heal his injury. Nebel also finished strongly just two seconds behind Martin in fifth place. While his injury break has stolen any championship chances from Nebel, he has underlined his motivation with his strong comeback. Matej Smrz was unable to finish the race as his RC8R began to lose performance and rather than take any risks on the high-speed circuit he decided to return to the pits. He is now fifth in the standings but only 15 points behind second place and is enjoying a strong rookie year with the Inghart KTM team.



Martin Bauer (finished 2-4): “Without a doubt the hardest race weekend of my career. It was important for me to get a good start in both races to enable me to ride together with those at the front. I only managed to secure second place in the first race in the third last corner. It was a good thing that the second race was stopped because I am not sure I would have been able to ride in the last four laps. What I really need now is a holiday. Many thanks go to my two physiotherapists Erwin Göllner and Dr. Thierry Murrisch – without their help it would have been impossible to return to the top of the standings. “



Stefan Nebel (finished 6-55):

“It was only three days ago that I got the okay to start here and I am very happy that I managed to do quite well for the home race and in front of so many fans. Despite the conditions not being ideal I managed quite well and even though I wasn’t completely fit I was still much faster than in 2010. The team really did a great job. Finally, a huge compliment to Martin. While I was riding behind him I just hoped he would be able to keep going at what was a crazy tempo.



Matej Smrz (11/DNF)

“It’s no secret that the Salzburgring is not my favorite circuit, and on top of that I had a crash in free practice and technical problems in race 2. For me it was a rather disappointing weekend and I’m happy that it is over.”



IDM 125 – Podium for Toni Finsterbusch

Toni Finsterbusch of Germany fought to a strong third place in the 125 competition on Sunday. Fellow KTM riders Alex Kristiansson and Luca Gruenwald followed him. Philip Oettl, who on Saturday raced to a solid fifth place in the Red Bull Rookies Cup in Italy, came home in eleventh place. Kristiansson is third in the championship as the best KTM rider, Finsterbusch is fourth, Gruenwald is sixth and youngster Oettl is eighth.


IDM SUPERBIKE, Race 1 Results
1, Michael Ranseder, Austria, BMW
2, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM
3, Ghisbert van Ginhoven, Netherlands, BMW
4, Damian Cudlin, Australia, BMW
5, Filip Altendorfer, Germany, BMW
Other KTM
6, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM
11, Mate Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM

IDM SUPERBIKE, Race 2 Results

1, Filip Altendorfer, Germany, BMW
2, Michael Ranseder, Austria, BMW
3, Ghisbert van Ginhoven, Netherlands, BMW

4, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM
5, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM

DNF Matej Smrz, Czech Republic KTM


1, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM, 146

2, Karl Muggeridge, Australia, Honda, 134
3, Michael Ranseder, Austria, BMW, 129
4, Damian Cudlin, Australia, BMW, 120

5, Mate Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM, 119
Other KTM
13, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM, 47


IDM 125, Results
1, Luca Amato, Germany, Aprilla
2, Jack Miller, Australia, Aprilla

3, Toni Finsterbusch, GER, KTM
4. Alexander Kristiansson, Sweden, KTM
5, Luca Grünwald, Germany, KTM
Other KTM
9, Damien Raemy, Switzerland, KTM
11, Philipp Oettl, GER, KTM


IDM 125, Standings
1, Jack Miller, Australia, Aprilla, 105
2, Luca Amato, Germany, Aprilla, 104

3. Alexander Kristiansson, Sweden, KTM, 65
4, Toni Finsterbusch, GER, KTM, 52

5, Maximilian Eckner, Germany, Aprilla, 47
Other KTM
6, Luca Grünwald, Germany, KTM, 46
9, Philipp Öttl, GER, KTM, 30
10, Deni Cudic, Austria, KTM, 23
15, Florian Alt, GER, KTM, 13
16, Damien Raemy, Switzerland, KTM, 12




Bauer on podium after heroic ride

Bauer in action on the Salzburg circuit

Stefan Nebel rides with Martin Bauer

Finsterbusch gets ready to race 125 IDM
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