2011 ISDE Results Race Day 2

ISDE 2011 Results Race Day 2
Husaberg brings you the standings update after race day 2 of the 2011 ISDE in Finland.
A strong day for Team Sweden moved them up to 4th from 7th in the Trophy standings. Also the teams of the Netherlands, Great Britain and Poland improved today. 

In the Junior Trophy Sweden is still in the lead but France reduced their backlog by over half a minute today. Great Britain is still in 3rd.  
ISDE Results Day 2, Teams  
Country   Time  
World Trophy  
1. Finland (Tarkkala, Remes, Salminen, Seistola, Mattila, Salonen)   7:11:57.18  
2. Spain (Mena, Cervantes, Guerrero C., Santolino, Roman, Guerrero V.)   +10:22.46  
3. USA Udall, Abbott, Bobbitt, Jarrett, Caselli, Kanney)   +22:20.69  
4. Sweden (Ljunggren, Larsson, Persson, Mörhed, Edlund, Karlsson)   +28:05.11  
6. Netherlands (Vogels, Advokaat, Lammertink, Hubers, Plekkenpol, Wassink)   +40:34.94  
7. Great Britain (Wakely, Wood, Sagar, Edmondson, Evans, Rose)   +44:16.95  
9. Poland (Krywult, Szymkowski, Kedzierski, Bembenik, Frycz, Szuster)   +55:45.93  
Junior Trophy      
1. Sweden (Svensson, Sundin, Carlsson, Sjöö)   4:35:23.43  
2. France (Bellino, Queyreyre, Dumontier, Fortunato)   +57.22  
3. Great Britain (Rockwell, Rowland, Walker, McCanney)   +10:39.20  

 Another excellent day for the Husaberg riders. All Trophy and Junior Trophy riders are still in the race after day 2. Marko Tarkkala is still the fastest Husaberg rider overall, he maintains the E3 lead and moved up one spot in the overall standings to 3rd. Second fastest Husaberg rider is Joakim Ljunggren who improved massively over day 1 moving up to 2nd in E3 and 5th overall (from 11th). 

Actually almost all Husaberg riders improved their positions today like Oriol Mena from 21st to 17th overall, Hans Vogels from 16th to 10th in E2 and 30th to 23rd overall and Mathias Bellino from 24th to 18th in E2 and 47th to 37th overall in his first ever ISDE.  
ISDE Standings after Day 2, Individual  
Rider   Class   Position  
35 Marko Tarkkala (Finland, TE 300)   E3   1  
203 Joakim Ljunggren (Sweden, TE 300   E3   2  
195 Oriol Mena (Spain, TE 300)   E3   4  
163 Hans Vogels (Netherlands, FE 390   E2   10  
201 Martin Larsson (Sweden, TE 125)   E1   9  
209 Kalle Svensson (Sweden, TE 300)   E3   7  
18 Mathias Bellino (France, FE 450)   E2   18  
206 Martin Sundin (Sweden, FE 450)   E2   21  
127 Alex Rockwell (Great Britain, FE 390)   E2   27  
164 Amel Advokaat (Netherlands, TE 300)   E3   13  
53 Pawel Szymkowski (Poland, TE 250)   E2   33  
121 Si Wakely (Great Britain, TE 250)   E2   36  
175 Geoff Braico (Australia, TE 300)   E3   15  
55 Sebastian Krywult (Poland, TE 300)   E3   16  
202 Daniel Persson (Sweden, FE 390)   E2   38  
104 Wim Vanderheyden (Belgium, TE 300)   E3   18  
161 Erald Lammertink (Holland, FE 450)   E2   42  
204 Jakob Mörhed (Sweden, TE 300)   E3   21  
81 Daniel Jud (Germany, FE 450)   E2   53  
214 Stefan Gunnarsson (Iceland, TE 300)   E3   28  

And finally in the Manufacturers Award standings Team Husaberg 1 (Tarkkala, Ljunggren, Mena) improved from 3rd to 2nd position today. 

For full results and live timing go to www.fim-isde-live.info
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