Roczen and Herlings dominate the MX2 GP at Loket Czech Republic

Roczen and Herlings dominate the MX2 GP at Loket Czech Republic

The Loket track may have been rough after heavy rain at the weekend but nothing deterred Ken Roczen and Jeffrey Herlings from dominating both motos at the MX2 GP. They walked away with the major silverware for a 1-2 result in both races and the GP.


Roczen got a perfect start and was in front in both races from the gate drop to the flag, saving himself a lot of dirt in the face on the soggy and unpredictable track. He now steals back six points on the advantage he has in the standings over Jeffrey Herlings as the two teenage factory riders continue to dominate the competition. With still three GPs to go and 150 points up for grabs, Roczen leads with 540 points and Herlings has 513 and they are way ahead of third placed Tommy Searle back at 435


The track, which is usually a mixed stony surface on a hard base turned out to be extra tricky, especially after heavy rain. Jeffrey Herlings had a big moment half way through the opener when he hit a concealed hole in the middle of the track, a chance to use his acrobatic skill and keep his KTM 250 SX-F upright. Even though conditions were difficult this weekend, Jeffrey was also able to lay some ghosts to rest with his positive result. It was here in Loket last year where he sustained an injury that put him out for the remainder of the season.


It was not such a good day for teammate Jeremy van Horebeek on the track that offered few line alternatives and made it essential to get a good start. Jeremy missed the start in both motos and in the first had to make a hasty trip into the pits to straighten a bent gearshift after a too-close encounter with another rider. He finished the day with a 15-8 result for overall tenth and 19 championship points.


It was a very good day overall for the Austrian-made sports motorcycles with KTM riders soaking up six of the top 10 places in the GP.


Ken Roczen: “It rained in the first race so there was way more grip, it was not so dry and rocky and slick. I got the holeshot and from then on I never looked back and won the race. I had a problem in the second race because all the sweat was running down inside my goggles and I couldn’t see too well so it was bad conditions for me for sure and not easy to win the race.”


Jeffrey Herlings: “I’m no big fan of the mud so I struggled a bit in the first moto. I had a good start but I couldn’t stay with Ken even if I was able to close in on him at the end of the race.  In the second I managed to stay with him throughout moto but in the end I didn’t have anything left to beat him. Overall it was a good weekend, much better than last year!”


Jeremy van Horebeek: If you don't get a good start then it’s not easy. I had the speed during the races but that wasn’t enough. Now for the next two weeks I am going to work hard on my starts. My bike is awesome and the team is working very hard and I’m confident that if I can get good starts like Ken and Jeffrey I can be in the top five and even on the podium with them.



EMX 125

KTM also had a positive result in the EMX 125 races at Loket with Italian rider Samuele Bernadini grabbing another victory and further securing his hold on the standings and a strong second and fourth place for Slovenian KTM rider Tim Gajser and Luca Moroni of Italy,


MX2 Results

1, Ken Roczen, Germany, KTM

2, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM

3, Tommy Searle, UK, Kawasaki

4, Max Anstie, UK, Kawasaki

5, Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, Yamaha

Other KTM

7, Joel Roelants, Belgium, KTM

8, Jake Nicholls, UK, KTM

9, Nicolas Aubin, France, KTM

10, Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, KTM

12, Jordi Tixier, France, KTM

15, Jose Butron, Spain, KTM


MX2 Standings

1, Ken Roczen, Germany, KTM, 540

2, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM, 513

3, Tommy Searle, UK, Kawasaki, 435

4, Gautier Paulin, France, Yamaha, 369

5, Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, Yamaha 325

Other KTM

9, Nicholas Aubin, France, KTM, 227

10, Joel Roelants, Belgium, KTM, 206

12, Jake Nicholls, UK. KTM, 165

13, Jordi Tixier, France, KTM, 150

15, Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, KTM, 118

16, Jose Butron, Spain, KTM, 118


MX2 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM, 589

2, Kawasaki, 484

3, Yamaha, 451


EMX125 Results in Czech Republic

1, Samuele Bernardini, Italy, KTM

2, Tim Gajser, Slovenia, KTM

3, Simone Zecchina, Italy, Suzuki

4, Luca Moroni, Italy, KTM

5, Jeremy Seewer, Switzerland, Suzuki

Other KTM

6, James Dunn, UK, KTM

8, Dave Versluis, Netherlands, KTM

9, Calvin Vlaanderen, Republic of South Africa, KTM

10, Ryan Houghton, UK, KTM


EMX125 Standings

1, Samuele Bernardini, Italy, KTM, 185

2, Simone Zecchina, Italy, Suzuki, 174

3, Tim Gajser, Slovenia, KTM, 151

4, Jeremy Seewer, Switzerland, Suzuki, 134

5, James Dunn, UK, KTM, 116

Other KTM

6, Luca Moroni, Italy, KTM 104

8, Damon Graulus, Belgium, KTM 93

9, Brent Van Doninck, Belgium, KTM 86


EMX125 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM, 191

2, Suzuki, 177

3, Yamaha, 103





Team celebrates with Ken Roczen

Shake hands for Roczen and Herlings

Roczen carves up the track

Strong performance from Jeffrey Herlings

07/08 2011

Tony Cairoli a good second in Loket, retains red plate as overall leader

Tony Cairoli a good second in Loket, retains red plate as overall leader


Reigning MX1 world champion and Red Bull Teka KTM factory rider Tony Cairoli followed up a stunning first moto victory with a strong fourth place in race two to finish second overall in the MX1 GP in Loket in the Czech Republic on Sunday to keep a firm hold on the red plate as championship leader.


In contrast to his copybook first race, Tony had more problems in the second moto. He again got away from the gate sharply in the second moto but got involved in several race incidents on the tough and gnarly track.  He then had to settle down and pick off the riders in front of him to get back into contention. The Italian rider put in his copybook burst at the finish made his typical finish when he dropped the hammer in the last laps and moved up the order from seventh to fourth place.


Teammate Max Nagl of Germany, who also celebrated his birthday today, was in good form, especially in the second moto when he got a good start and looked like taking a top three right up to the final laps. The positive news from Max is that he will not have to make a break in the season for surgery on his back and that had clearly lifted his spirits and confidence on the track. All weekend Nagl looked strong on the tricky, rain soaked serpentine circuit at Loket but he admitted that at the end of the second race he was physically exhausted. Because of his back injury, he is currently not allowed to train on the bike and his fitness exercise is restricted to swimming, and this, he admits, has cost him strength and muscle power. A solid fifth today means he hangs on to fifth overall in the championships standings and now trails fourth placed Evgeny Bobryshev by just five points.


With three GPs to go and 150 points up for grabs, Cairoli, the Italian world champion has a 48-point lead on second placed Clement Desalle, who illustrated he is back in form this weekend with a GP win.


Tony Cairoli: “The first race was good. I got the holeshot and made some good laps. I had very good speed and I could pull away and make a good gap. In the second I got a good jump out of the gate but I went a bit too wide in the first corner and one of the inside riders clipped my wheel. I didn’t want to crash so quite a few riders got past me and I was back at around 10 or 11. Then another rider made a mistake going over one of the jumps and he crashed in front of me when I was on the jump and I was again back in 7 or 8th place. It was difficult to pass but at the end of the race I managed to get up to Max who was riding well in third and passed him. By then it was too late to go for the win.”


Max Nagl: “I had a very good day yesterday. I easily won the qualifying race and I felt good about the race today. But it turned out not so good because of the rainy conditions and that made it very difficult to pass. I know I was faster than the guys in front of me in the first moto but I wasn’t able to get past them because of the rain. In the second race I had a good start and a good race and I had the pace of the top riders. It was still a good weekend for me and I took some points on Bobryshev. I’ll try my best in the last GPS and I’m looking forward to riding in England because I really like the English circuits.”


MX1 Results

1, Clement Desalle, Belgium, Suzuki

2, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM

3, Rui Goncalves, Portugal, Honda

4, Tanel Leok, Estonia, TM

5, Max Nagl, Germany, KTM


MX1 Standings

1, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM, 509

2, Clement Desalle, Belgium, Suzuki, 461

3, Steven Frossard, France, Yamaha, 428

4, Evgeny Bobryshev, Russia, Honda 387

5, Max Nagl, Germany, KTM, 378


MX1 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM, 534

2, Yamaha, 473

3, Suzuki, 471


Tony Cairoli has a firm grip on the red plate

Birthday greetings for Max Nagl

Cairoli in charge at Loket in race one

07/08 2011

Steffi Laier seals 2011 WMX World Championship title

Steffi Laier wrapped up another season in the FIM WMX Women’s World Championship on Sunday in her usual style when she settled fro a comfortable second place in the final races of the season to secure her fourth world title and add to her rich collection of trophies.


The German rider, the only women full factory rider for the Red Bull Teka KTM team continued her success this weekend despite riding with a painful open wound on her forearm, exhibiting the same toughness and fighting spirit that has made her the most dominant woman rider in Europe in past seasons.


The final round was held in Lacapelle Marivale in France and despite rain and muddy conditions Laier had no trouble in grabbing the holeshot in Saturday’s qualifying. Her closest rival in 2011, Chiara Fontanesi of Italy did take control of the race for four laps before Laier dropped the hammer and cruised to victory.


On race day however it was the Italian rider who prevailed, as Steffi’s open wound on her arm began to trouble her. She snapped the holeshot in the first lap of the opening moto but as the riders passed the pit lane, it was Fontanesi who was in charge. Steffi ‘s game plan was to ride safe and go for the title and this is what she did, both in the first and the second motos – second place in both races and second in the GP was enough to round off her season in winning style.


Other dominant KTM riders in the final weekend were Britain’s Natalie Kane and Larissa Pappenmeier of Germany who took third and fourth place in the final round.


In the seven round season of a total of 13 races – one race was canceled in Greece due to bad weather – Steffi was never lower down the order than second. She won a total of seven motos and was second six times. She was on the top of the overall GP podium five times and was second twice, illustrating that she remains the dominant woman rider on this side of the Atlantic.


KTM was also the season’s winner in the Manufacturer’s Class wrapping up the season with 307 points ahead of Yamaha with 298.


WMX Results in France

1, Chiara Fontanesi, Italy, Yamaha

2, Steffi Laier, Germany, KTM

3, Natalie Kane, UK, KTM

4, Larissa Pappenmeier, Germany, KTM

5, Justine Charroux, France, Yamaha

Other KTM

8, Joanna Miller, Poland, KTM

9, Floriana Parrini, Italy, KTM

11, Sara Pettersson, Sweden, KTM

13, Shirley Verkade, Netherlands, KTM


WMX Standings

1, Steffi Laier, Germany, KTM 307

2, Chiara Fontanesi, Italy, Yamaha 298

3, Larissa Pappenmeier, Germany, KTM 248

4, Britt van der Wekken, Netherlands, Honda 199

5, Sara Pettersson, Sweden, KTM 175

Other KTM

8, Joanna Miller, Poland, KTM 129

11, Shirley Verkade, Netherlands, KTM 109

12, Floriana Parrini, Italy, KTM 107


Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM 307

2, Yamaha 298

3, Honda 199




Steffi Laier a great fighter

Fourth world title for Steffi Laier

07/08 2011

KTM celebrates double IDM victory at Schleiz

KTM Orange was the color of choice at the sixth race weekend of the IDM International German Superbike Championship in Schleiz this weekend with KTM riders stealing victory in both races. Czech rider Matej Smrz (Inghart KTM Superbike Team) won race one while Austria’s Martin Bauer (Motorex KTM), third in the opener, settled the second race to his credit.


Riders battled difficult conditions and a wet track in the first race but as conditions improved and the track dried out, it meant tire choice became an issue. The race went to KTM rider Smrz with a convincing 2.5 seconds margin. Bauer joined him on the podium in third place and clearly the Austrian rider was just laying the foundations for what was an impressive display of riding in race two.  Indeed when the riders rejoined the track for the second race, Bauer got off to a perfect start and put on an incredible show of force to underline both his own riding skills and the power of the KTM RC8 R Superbike. He forged a leading margin of eight seconds before easing off and settling to be a mere five seconds in front of the pack at the checkered flag.


Smrz, the winner of race one, also finished strongly in race two despite some minor technical difficulties resulting in a slight drop in engine power and some shifting problems. Bauer picked up a big 24 points for the weekend, consolidating his lead in the championship with just two race weekends (four races) left on the program. Smrz is currently fifth in the overall standings. Stefan Nebel, the third KTM rider and Smrz’s teammate at Inghart KTM) was shad some health issues and minor electrical problems so he was content with his two sixth places. Two privateer KTM riders were also on the track for the sixth race weekend: Thomas Helldobler (Schittko KTM) and former 125 rider Daniel Kartheininger (Oppermann KTM Team).


KTM also regained the lead in the Manufacturers championship and currently has a slim, two points advance on BMW.


Martin Bauer: “I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks in race one and third place was more than I expected. I did have some luck as Giuseppetti had crashed just in front of me. I ran over his front wheel and had to run over the grass in the fast downhill section. Race two was perfect. I got a good start and could ride away at a good pace to show the real potential of the bike. The RC8 R was flawless today!”


Matej Smrz: Everything turned out very well in race one. I got a good start and at first I took it easy. I was behind the leading two but I knew I could catch them because my Dunlop tires worked very well when the rack dried. I waited for as long as possible before I took the led and then went on and won the race. Race two was difficult because I had a bit less power and had to deal with shifting problems. So fifth place was not perfect but still good and the championship is still open.


Stefan Nebel: I have to be content with two sixth places because I came here with some sort of infection and I had to deal with it. Another rider destroyed my best qualifying lap so I had to start in the second row. I had some good battles in the first race and the result was okay but race two was more difficult.


IDM 125

KTM’s success on the circuit was also underlined in the 125 class with two riders of the Austrian-made machines on the podium. Germany’s Luca Grünwald stormed to his first victory of the season while young Florian Alt finished third and took the first IDM podium of his career. Both ride for Freudenberg KTM team. Grünwald started with a cautious first lap but then opened up the bike and charged away from the pack to secure his victory. Fellow German rider Florian Alt on the other hand fought hard in a group of six riders to finally finish third behind Championship leader Jack Miller. GP Rider Marcel Schrötter, who stepped in for injured KTM rider Toni Finsterbusch, who broke his collarbone in the practice sessions on day one finished good sixth while Philipp Öttl was seventh across the line. Austrian Deni Cudic crashed in the first lap, Swedish ace Alex Kristiansson also crashed after an incident with Jack Miller as they were engaged in a fight for a top three finish.


Wishes for a speedy recovery to Ducati rider Dario Giuseppetti

KTM riders and teams also take the opportunity to wish Ducati rider Dario Giuseppetti a speedy recovery after he broke is leg in a crash in the rain-soaked first race, which was red flagged and re-started after the rider had received medical care. Giuseppetti, a popular and very competitive rider had rode to pole position on Saturday.


IDM SUPERBIKE, Race 1 Results at Schleizer Dreieck, Germany

1, Matej Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM

2, Damian Cudlin, Australia, BMW

3, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM

4, Karl Muggeridge, Australia Honda

5, Ghisbert van Ginhoven, Netherlands, BMW

Other KTM

6, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM

13, Thomas Helldobler, Germany, KTM

15, Daniel Kartheininger, Germany, KTM


IDM SUPERBIKE, Race 2 Results

1, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM

2, Damian Cudlin, Australia, BMW

3, Karl Muggeridge, Australia Honda

4, Gareth Jones, Australia, BMW

5, Matej Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM

Other KTM

6, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM

16, Thomas Helldobler, Germany, KTM



1, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM, 187

2, Karl Muggeridge, Australia, Honda, 163

3, Damian Cudlin, Australia, BMW, 160

4, Mate Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM, 155

5, Michael Ranseder, Austria, BMW, 129

Other KTM

11, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM, 67


IDM SUPERBIKE Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM 364

2, BMW, 362

3, Honda, 203


IDM 125, Results at Schleizer Dreieck, Germany

1, Luca Grünwald, Germany, KTM

2, Jack Miller, Australia, Aprilia

3, Florian Alt, Germany, KTM

4, Bryan Schouten, Netherlands, Honda

5, Luca Amato, Germany, Aprilia

Other KTM

6, Marcel Schrötter, Germany, KTM

7, Philipp Öttl, Germany, KTM


IDM 125, Standings

1, Jack Miller, Australia, Aprilla, 125

2, Luca Amato, Germany, Aprilia, 115

3, Luca Grünwald, Germany, KTM, 71

4. Alexander Kristiansson, Sweden, KTM, 65

5, Bryan Schouten, Netherlands, 55

Other KTM

6, Toni Finsterbusch, Germany, KTM, 52

9, Philipp Öttl, Germany, KTM, 40

10, Florian Alt, Germany, KTM, 29

14, Deni Cudic, Austria, KTM, 23

16, Damien Raemy, Switzerland, KTM, 12


Decisive win by Martin Bauer

Smrz takes win in race one
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