KTM Racing News Activity for Sunday August 14

KTM riders take 65 cc and 85 cc world titles at FIM Junior MX World Championship

Young motocross riders from Spain, Latvia, Italy, Brazil and France were on the podium in Cingoli Italy this weekend after clean sweeping the 65 cm category and taking 1-3 result in the 85 cc class of the FIM Junior Motocross World Championships.

The action kicked off with the 65 cc class for boys 10-12 year-old and it was a clear decision for 10-year-old Jorge Prado Garcia of Spain who won both motos for the maximum of 50 points and is a worthy world champion. Jorge also laid down the fastest lap time on Saturday and went into the races as one of the favorites. Enzo Lopes of Brazil was second with a 4-2 result while Italian rider Riccardo Lauretti was on the podium in third who finished with a 3-4 result. All three were riding KTM bikes.

Jorge Prado Garcia: “I am happy to be the world champion. The track was hard for me but in the end it was pretty nice. I tried to be one of the best and for the future I would like to move up to 85 cc.” The young 65 cc World champion also plans to compete in the European championships in Bulgaria.

World Championship honors in the 85 cc class for boys 11-14 years went to Latvian rider Pauls Jonass, 14, who had a 1-2 moto result for his title on his KTM. French KTM rider Thomas Do, who scored a 2-3 moto result, joined him on the podium in third place.

Pauls Jonass: “The race was fun. I was able to win the first moto and in the second I had a good speed and I finished second. The track here was good but it was difficult, but I liked the jump – it was like a SX track. I thought I might be able to win the world championship before the race and so did my family and we made it! Now I plan to ride in the 125 European Championship.” Pauls also currently leads the ADAC MX Junior Cup competition by a margin of 49-points after four of six race weekends. 

Around 200 ambitious young riders from 39 different countries, among them many onboard KTM machines, made the journey to the Italian circuit for their world championship in the small bike categories.  The competition presents a preview of future talent that may graduate to senior international competition and among the list of former World Junior Champions are KTM’s teenage factory riders Ken Roczen of Germany and Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings.

65 cc Results (10 – 12 years old)

1, Jorge Prado Garcia, Spain, KTM (World Champion)

2, Enzo Lopes, Brazil, KTM

3, Riccardo Lauretti, Italy, KTM

4, Tamur Talviku, Estonia, KTM

5, Lawrence Hunter Australia, KTM

Other KTM

6, Jakub Teresak, Czech Republic, KTM

7, Alexander Brown, UK, KTM

8, Oliver Mahr, Austria, KTM

9, Andrea Zanotti, SMR, KTM

10, Gabriel Jairala, USA, KTM


65 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM 50

2, Kawasaki 0


85 cc Results (11 – 14 years old)

1, Pauls Jonass, Latvia, KTM (World Champion)

2, Chase Bell, USA, Kawasaki

3, Thomas Do, France, KTM

4, Ben Watson, UK, KTM

5, Corentin Perolari, France KTM

Other KTM

6, Kade Walker-Tinkler, Canada, KTM

7, Volodymyr Tarasov, Ukraine, KTM


85 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM 47

2, Kawasaki 45

3, Suzuki 25


125 cc Results (13 – 17 years old)

1, Joseph Savatgy, USA, Suzuki

2, Jeremy Seewer, Switzerland, Suzuki

3, Chris Aldredge, USA, Yamaha

4, James Dunn, UK, KTM

5, Damon Graulus, Belgium, KTM

Other KTM

6, Tim Gajser, Slovenia, KTM

8, Luca Moroni, Italy, KTM

10, Calvin Vlaanderen, Republic of South Africa, KTM

11, Alessio Della Mora, Italy, KTM


125 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, Suzuki 47

2, KTM 43

3, Yamaha 35



Jorge Prado Garcia is 65 cc World champion

Pauls Jonass takes 85 cc world title

Jonass in action at Cingoli

Jorge on his way to the title

14/08 2011

Red Bull MotoGP Rookie Joe Roberts snatches first race victory at Brno

Fourteen year old American Joe Roberts on Saturday won an all or nothing dash to the finish on Saturday in the first of two Red Bull MotoGP Rookies races on the Brno circuit in the Czech Republic.


It was the young rider’s first podium in the competition and he won in front of Arthur Sissis of Australia and Tomas Vavrous of the Czech Republic.


The race was a two-part affair after the original start was red flagged when rain started to fall, calling in the riders who were out on slicks. The 14-lap race was then restarted after riders had changed tires and all that remained was a five-lap race to the finish on the tricky and undulating traditional MotoGp circuit.


The American rider went into the lead in the shortened race and in the third lap and charged ahead on the rain-drenched circuit. It was only Sissis that could stay with him and the Australian looked like taking the glory. But Roberts engaged in a tight battle for the win in the closing stages of the race and managed to slip by Sissis just before the home straight, picking up enough drive to propel him over the finish line. The wet race was also good for Sissis as he now regains control of the overall standings in what is a two-rider competition between him and Lorenzo Baldassarri of Italy for the title. Baldassarri finished in sixth.


Joe Roberts said the result had turned around after his weekend. He said he wasn’t able to find his rhythm the first time they were out on the track and was in last place. “I wasn't happy that it rained but then on the sighting lap I realized there was quite a lot of grip. I just had to go for it.  Arthur passed me at the last corner but as I saw him go wide I had the chance to cut it tight and go for the line.”


Riders have just two more races, one of which is tomorrow Sunday on the Brno circuit, to conclude the season. Sissis goes into the second race at Brno with a 4-point lead on the 14-year-old Italian rider. All riders in the competition, which grooms and prepares riders for a career in to racing, are onboard identical KTM 125 machines.


Results Race One (of two Brno)

1, Joe Roberts (USA) 12 minutes 41.800 seconds
2, Arthur Sissis (AUS) +0.030
3, Tomas Vavrous (CZE) +1.508
4, Stefano Valtulini (ITA) +1.560
5, Xavier Pinsach (ESP) +3.292
6, Lorenzo Baldassarri (ITA) +4.662
7, Hafiq Azmi (MAS) +7.265
8, Javier Orellana (GBR) +9.453
9. Philipp Oettl (GER) +13.197
10, Kevin Argino (ITA) +13.327

KTM's Heinz Kinigadner with winners of Race One

American Joe Roberts scores first Rookies victory

Hard going for young riders on a very wet track

14/08 2011

Alan Techer wins at Brno in nail-biter Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at Brno

French rider Alan Techer emerged the number one rider in a 12-man dash for the finish in the second of two Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup races on the Brno MotoGP circuit in the Czech Republic this weekend, delivering one of the most thrilling finishes so far this season.

Czech rider Tomas Vavrous and Scott Deroue of the Netherlands picked up the minor places but the real drama came when championship and race leader Arthur Sissis of Australia crashed on the final lap throwing open the race for the title, which will now be decided between him and Italian Lorenzo Baldassarri in the final single race at Misano Italy. After Sissis recording a DNF on Sunday Baldassarri now has a narrow six-point lead in the title race.

 “It was the most incredible race,” said Techer. “So close, we were touching at almost every corner. I didn't get a good start and I just had to fight my way through. Then in the last three laps it was a battle between me, Tomas, Scott and Arthur. We thought Arthur (Sissis) had got away on the last lap but he crashed and it was between the three of us at the last corner. I opened the gas as early as I could through the last corner, I had a bit of a slide but I hung on and won.”

The drama of the 14-lap race on the high speed and gently undulating Brno circuit was intensified because no one had a real advantage until the final lap. Then Sissis pulled away, seizing the advantage while the others behind him jockeyed for positions and he had a 30 second advantage going into the final lap. Then the young Australian’s world fell apart when he was too hard on the throttle three corners from the finish and he ended in the gravel on the side of the track.

The young Dutch rider Deroue was at the forefront of the battle for the minor places and was frequently in the lead in the closing stages of the race before Sissis took control. Vavrous, a veteran Rookies competitor, said it had been his toughest Rookies race. “There was no planning, no tactics, it was just race as hard as you can at every corner. We were touching everywhere. On the last lap I was determined not to crash but I was also determined to get on the podium.”

Fifteen year olds, James Flitcroft of Britain and Italian Stefano Valtulini, rode well and finished fourth and fifth ahead of Cup leader Baldassarri who will have his chance to convert his result into a title victory on September 3 in Misano. Rookies all compete on KTM 125 machines.

Race 2

Race Two Sunday

1, Alan Techer, France, 31 minutes 25.716 seconds
2, Tomas Vavrous, Czech Republic, +0.034
3, Scott Deroue, Netherlands +0.203
4, James Flitcroft, Britain +0.520
5, Stefano Valtulini, Italy +0.603
6, Lorenzo Baldassarri, Italy +0.638
7, Ivo Lopes, Portugal, +0.802
8, Florian Alt, Germany, +0.849
9, Philipp Oettl, Germany +0.963
10, Brad Binder, South Africa +1.023

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Standings

1, Lorenzo Baldassarri, Italy 192

2, Arthur Sissis, Australia 186 (title will be decided between Baldassarri and Sissis in final race at Misano

3, Alan Techer, France, 152

4, Philipp Oettl, Germany, 121

5, Tomas Varvrous, Czech Republic, 103


Pics Red Bull

Techer, Varvrous and Deroue take honors at Brno

Sissis in the lead before exiting in the final lap

Tight fight for glory on the Czech circuit
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