KTM Continues Domination of MX1 & MX2 at the British GP

Tony Cairoli wins MX1 GP of Britain after race red flagged and restarted

Tony Cairoli of the Red Bull Teka KTM Factory Racing team fully capitalized on a second chance in the second MX1 moto in the British GP and converted a holeshot to moto victory to add enough points to his third place from the first race to take the day’s honors at Matterley Basin.


The Italian is now close to retaining his world championship title in his second season with the KTM factory team with a commanding 82-point lead and 100 only up for grabs.


All indications were that Matterley Basin was not going to be Cairoli’s day he got bumped at the start of the race then after several laps he made a mistake, went off the track and almost picked up some of the notorious green fencing that lines the course. He then came back from 11th to be third at the flag. Cairoli was around seventh at the start of the second race but again made another mistake , crashed and found himself back at 15th. Then the race was red flagged after a nasty crash between Billy Mackenzie and Tanel Leok and according to FIM rules, was completely re-started after a 30-minute break. This time Tony got away cleanly, grabbed the holeshot and charged into the lead. From that point on he was not challenged for the top spot as he took full advantage of his second chance to pick up the most points possible.


The rough and rutted conditions also made it a hard day’s ride for teammate Max Nagl who has been carrying a back injury. But the German rider still managed to finish overall fourth with a 5-5 result and is now in fourth place overall in the season’s standings and is still in with a chance to finish on the podium at the season’s end.


Cairoli now has the possibility of securing the title for KTM in the next round in Gelldorf, Germany in the second last GP of the season.  KTM also has an attractive 62-point lead in the MX1 Manufacturers’ standings.


Tony Cairoli: “This was a good weekend for me and I managed to win the GP. It was quite a different track because it is wide and there were a lot of lines. Everyone likes it here and so do I. Its one of my favorites this season so far. I am just happy to win this GP. Now we only need a few more points to take the title in Gelldorf so I am very happy things are going so well for us.”


Max Nagl: The riding went really well for me today although it could be even better. But today I had bad starts and I always had to come from the back of the field and that costs a lot of energy and hard work. I managed to come back from 20th place to fifth in the first race and I also didn’t have a good start in the second race. But in the restart it was a bit better and I got up to fifth. Then (Carlos) Campano (of Spain) was pushing hard behind me and I had to keep blocking him so that I could hold on to fifth place for overall fourth. Now I have the chance to finish in the top three in the championship and that would be really nice for me.”


MX1 Results

1, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM

2, Christophe Pourcel, France, Kawasaki

3, Steven Frossard, France, Yamaha

4, Max Nagl, Germany, KTM

5, Brad Anderson, UK, Honda

Other KTM

22, Tom Church, UK, KTM

23, Martin Barr, UK, KTM

30, Nathan Parker, UK, KTM


MX1 Standings

1, Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM, 554

2, Steven Frossard, France, Yamaha, 472

2, Clement Desalle, Belgium, Suzuki, 461

4, Max Nagl, Germany, KTM, 410

5, Evgeny Bobryshev, Russia, Honda 387


MX1 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM, 579

2, Yamaha, 517

3, Suzuki, 492



Cairoli close to taking the MX1 title

Tony gets down to the business of winning

Nagl now fourth in overall standings

21/08 2011

Roczen dominates MX2 action at British GP


Ken Roczen was in a class of his own on the Matterley Basin near Winchester in the UK to take the British GP with two clear wins from gate drop to checkered flag. Roczen was untouchable in both motos to log his 18th moto win for the season and his eighth GP victory.


The German teenager now needs only four points to take the championship title and with the next GP at home in Galldorf, he will receive a huge ovation from the German fans. After Sunday’s race, KTM has also already secured the MX2 manufacturer’s title for 2011. It would be Roczen’s first career world title in MX2 in his second year with the Red Bull Teka KTM Factory racing.



What was a copybook ride for Roczen was less successful for his teammate Jeffrey Herlings. He finished with a 7-3 result on Sunday but a mistake in the final lap knocked the Dutch teenager from second to third in the moto and bumped him off the third place on the podium. With Herlings, as Roczen’s only rival for the title, sacrificing 24 points to Ken on Sunday now makes his teammate absolute favorite for the title. Jeffrey admitted later that he had some stomach problems and that it had been a disappointing weekend for him.


Jeremy van Horebeck, the third member of the KTM factory team, who was riding with a virus infection this weekend stayed with the front-runners in the first moto but eventually finished sixth. But with drained energy, he finished out of the points in race two. Another unlucky KTM rider in Matterley Basin was Joel Roelants of Belgium who finished third in race one, was also up the front of the field in the first half of race two but dropped back and did not make any points. It was also a good ride for HM Plant KTM UK rider Jake Nichols who finished overall sixth.


Ken Roczen: “In the first race I checked out the lines a bit to see what would be the perfect position for me and I made up some good points on Jeffrey. Then I got the holeshot again in the second race, even though it was hard because the track had started to get rough. But I was able to do it pretty good to finish first again. Now I have a solid gap in the championship standings and it was another great weekend for me.”


Jeffrey Herlings: “The weekend already started bad for me yesterday when I had a crash in the qualifying. I had quite a good start in the first race today but somehow I just didn’t have the speed. The bike was perfect but I was missing a bit of confidence and I just couldn’t catch the others. Then I almost took the holeshot in the second race but right from the start I didn’t feel well. I expected much more from this weekend.”


Jeremy van Horebeek: “My starts were perfect today.  I was twice second, which is very good and the bike was awesome. I tried to push right from the beginning in the first heat but I had to slow down because I started to feel pain in my (recently injured) shoulder and I finished sixth. I got away well also in the second moto and I managed to even do a few laps in third and fourth place then I felt no power in my shoulder and decided to pull out because I didn’t want to take any risks.”


EMX 125

It was also a good day for KTM in the EMX125 races with Damon Graulus of Belgium and Dutch rider Brian Bogers on the top steps of the podium. British rider James Dunn had a good day out at Matterley Basin finishing fourth and Brent Van Doninck of Belgium was fifth. Eight of the top 10 finishers were on the Orange machines from Austria. The standings are still in the hands of Suzuki rider Simon e Zecchina of Italy  but KTM riders Samuel Bernadini (Italy )and Tim Gajser of Slovenia are at second and third.


MX2 Results

1, Ken Roczen, Germany, KTM

2, Tommy Searle, UK, Kawasaki

3, Gautier Paulin, France, Yamaha

4, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM

5, Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, Yamaha

Other KTM

6, Jake Nicholls, UK, KTM

9, Jordi Tixier, France, KTM

10, Joel Roelants, Belgium, KTM

13, Nicolas Aubin, France, KTM

14, Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, KTM

15, Pascal Rauchenecker, Austrian, KTM

16, Jose Butron, Spain, KTM


MX2 Standings

1, Ken Roczen, Germany, KTM, 590

2, Jeffrey Herlings, Netherlands, KTM, 547

3, Tommy Searle, UK, Kawasaki, 479

4, Gautier Paulin, France, Yamaha, 425

5, Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, Yamaha 353

Other KTM

9, Nicholas Aubin, France, KTM, 242

10, Joel Roelants, Belgium, KTM, 226

12, Jake Nicholls, UK, KTM, 193

13, Jordi Tixier, France, KTM, 171

14, Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, KTM, 133

15, Jose Butron, Spain, KTM, 128


MX2 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM, 639 – wins Manufacturer’s title

2, Kawasaki, 528

3, Yamaha, 487


EMX125 Results

1, Damon Graulus, Belgium, KTM

2, Brian Bogers, Netherlands, KTM

3, Simone Zecchina, Italy, Suzuki

4, James Dunn, UK, KTM

5, Brent Van Doninck, Belgium, KTM

Other KTM

7, Ryan Houghton, UK, KTM

8, Dave Versluis, Netherlands, KTM

9, Tim Gajser, Slovenia, KTM

10, Mathias Plessers, Belgium, KTM

13, Calvin Vlaanderen, Republic of South Africa, KTM

14, Jaap Corneth, Netherlands, KTM


EMX125 Standings

1, Simone Zecchina, Italy, Suzuki, 214

2, Samuele Bernardini, Italy, KTM, 185

3, Tim Gajser, Slovenia, KTM, 176

4, Jeremy Seewer, Switzerland, Suzuki, 165

5, James Dunn, UK, KTM, 152

Other KTM

6, Damon Graulus, Belgium, KTM 134

7, Brent Van Doninck, Belgium, KTM 118

8, Luca Moroni, Italy, KTM 110

10, Dave Versluis, Netherlands, KTM 79

11, Vsevolod Brylyakov, Russia, KTM 76

12, Mathias Plessers, Belgium, KTM 61

13, Ryan Houghton, UK, KTM 56

14, Brian Bogers, Netherlands, KTM 52

15, Stefan Ekerold, Germany, KTM 52


EMX125 Manufacturers’ Standings

1, KTM, 241

2, Suzuki, 217

3, Yamaha, 122

Roczen now on the brink of winning the MX2 title

Roczen and Herlings in the heat of the battle

Mixed day for Jeffrey Herlings at Matterley Basin

Jeremy van Horebeek and Stefan Everts at the British circuit

21/08 2011

IDM Superbike podiums for Martin Bauer at the Red Bull Ring

Motorex KTM rider Martin Bauer on Sunday extended his lead in the International German Superbike Championship to a comfortable 40 points lead after taking second place in both of the day’s races at the Red Bull Ring in Austria to extend his lead in the championship with just one race weekend and 50 points left up for grabs.


Riding in his home race, Bauer, who qualified second on the grid, got away cleanly in the first outing of the day and turned up the heat on his RC8 R Superbike on the recently re-opened racing circuit. He then set out to hunt down Australian Damian Cudlin so he could start to put pressure on the leader and pole sitter, Michael Ranseder. Bauer then made every effort to catch Ranseder on the 4. 3 km circuit set in the Austrian rural landscape but was unable to narrow the gap to the leader. With asphalt temperatures already reaching 50 degrees Celsius in the morning, it was a tough day on the track but Bauer still managed to bring home his RC8 R in a comfortable second place.


Inghart KTM rider Stefan Nebel, who is coming back from a recent injury, also put in a solid first race although he did sacrifice time and places in the first narrow corner. Nebel then switched on his fighting spirit and managed to finish in eighth. His teammate Matej Smrz of the Czech Republic was not so lucky. His first heat lasted only a few minutes after he high-sided and although not injured was forced to retire with a broken handlebar.


The heat was on in more ways than one in race two at the traditional Austrian circuit, which turned out to be almost a repeat of the first race. Bauer got away well and led the race for a number of laps right from the first right-hander but fellow Austrian Ranseder overtook him and opened a gap. Both Austrians were a cut above the rest of the field and after the 70 km race distance, third placed Cudlin trailed Bauer by six seconds.


In race two Nebel ran wide in the start corner but again fought hard and put in good lap times. He again finished eighth but was just one second off the fifth place finisher. Inghart KTM teammate Smrz managed to pick up enough points from his eleventh place to retain his fifth place in the overall standings.


Martin Bauer, Motorex KTM Superbike Team (2./2.):

“Our main goal here was to make another important step in the standings and to show that that our bike is also good for top positions at the Red Bull Ring. We managed both. Of course I wanted to win here in front of the home crowd, but the two podium seconds were all that we could manage and I am happy! Congratulations to Michi Ranseder who was the number one today.”


Stefan Nebel, Inghart KTM Superbike Team (8./8):

“Both races went well but I had some bad luck at the start of the first race and already lost a lot of time. Then I almost crashed in race two and I was back at thirteenth place. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to deliver a better result for the team because they did a great job for me.”


Matej Smrz, Inghart KTM Superbike Team (DNF/11.):

“It was just not my day at the Red Bull Ring. The crash in the first race was definitely my mistake and although I managed to finish the second race, eleventh place is not where the bike and Matej should be. I was able to pick up a few places from the start but then I lost them and I struggled to find my rhythm. Now I’m looking forward to being at the front of the field again when we go to Hockenheim.”


KTM riders 1-2 on the podium in the IDM 125

The race weekend on the Red Bull Ring in Austria was fertile ground for the young KTM riders in the 125 cc class of the IDM. They finished 1-2 on the podium with Florian Alt and Philipp Oettl, both of Germany taking the honors. For a long time it seemed likely that the orange machines from Austria would clean sweep the podium as KTM rider Luca Gruenwald and Alt (both Team Freudenberg) were in the lead followed by Oettl (Team HP Moto).  Then with just three laps to go, Gruenwald entered the pits with engine problems. Alt and Oettl are also top riders in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup being run as part of the MotoGP World Championships.


Some 12,000 spectators were at the Red Bull Ring to see the races run in near perfect high summer weather. The final round for the 2011 series takes place in Hockenheim, Germany on September 18.


IDM SUPERBIKE, Race 1 Results Red Bull Ring Spielberg, Austria

1, Michael Ranseder, Austria, BMW

2, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM

3, Gareth Jones, Australia, BMW

4, Karl Muggeridge, Australia, Honda

5, Ghisbert van Ginhoven, Netherlands, BMW

Other KTM

8, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM

Matej Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM DNF


IDM SUPERBIKE, Race 2 Results

1, Michael Ranseder, Austria, BMW

2, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM

3, Damian Cudlin, Australia, BMW

4, Andreas Meklau, Austria, Suzuki

5, Gareth Jones, Australia, BMW

Other KTM

8, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM

11, Matej Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM



1, Martin Bauer, Austria, KTM, 227

2, Karl Muggeridge, Australia, Honda, 187

3, Damian Cudlin, Australia, BMW, 185

4, Michael Ranseder, Austria, BMW, 179

5, Matej Smrz, Czech Republic, KTM, 161

Other KTM

10, Stefan Nebel, Germany, KTM, 84


IDM SUPERBIKE Manufacturers’ Standings

1, BMW 444

2, KTM 421

3, Honda 229


IDM 125, Results

1, Florian Alt, Germany, KTM

2, Philipp Oettl, Germany, KTM

3, Jack Miller, Australia, Aprilia

4, Luca Amato, Germany, Aprilia

5, Alexander Kristiansson, Sweden, KTM


IDM 125, Standings

1, Jack Miller, Australia, Aprilia, 141

2, Luca Amato, Germany, Aprilia, 128

3. Alexander Kristiansson, Sweden, KTM, 76

4, Luca Gruenwald, Germany, KTM, 71

5, Bryan Schouten, Netherlands, 65

Other KTM

6, Philipp Oettl, Germany, KTM, 60

9, Florian Alt, Germany, KTM, 54

10, Toni Finsterbusch, Germany, KTM, 52

14, Deni Cudic, Austria, KTM, 23

Bauer twice on the podium in Austria

Bauer consolidates his championship lead

Pair of 8th finishes for Stefan Nebel

Tough day at the office for Matej Smrz

KTM 125 riders Alt, Gruenwald and Ottl
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