The latest edition of Brennraum - The Art of Engineering and Craftmanship


The latest edition of Brennraum, KTM’s online magazine, gives you an insight into the in-house manufacture of exhaust systems, a perfect example of how KTM is as professional in the factory as it is on the race track!

A motorcycle is very much more than a construction out of metal, chrome, plastic, rubber and aluminum. That is what makes it such an interesting topic. Most people talk about engines and chassis, brakes or tires, design or set up tricks.

Exhaust systems and how they are constructed are rarely discussed, and when this is raised, people only usually talk about the noise that they make. That is naturally unfair and that’s why the latest edition of Brennraum is dedicated to the subject of how exhaust systems are manufactured.

To round off this lively report there is an interview with the constructor responsible for this task at KTM while a short video also delivers a real impression of the artistry of welding during the manufacture of manifolds and exhaust damper pipes.

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