Husqvarna Parts Warehouse Transition

Husqvarna's integration into KTM's infrastructure is rapidly underway. This week, Husqvarna announced an upcoming warehouse transition from their current parts warehouse in Nazareth, PA to KTM's Parts Distribution Center in Amherst, OH.

"As of May 30th 2013, parts will no longer be shipped out of the Nazareth location. During this transition period, parts orders will not be shipped from May 31st through June 9th. We recommend that you order accordingly to maintain your stock needs for this week."

What does this mean? Husqvarna's upgrade to KTM's existing technology will allow us on a dealer level to service the end customer much more rapidly, efficiently and accurately. The Amherst warehouse is even closer to our facility than the Nazareth, PA location, allowing us to acquire and send your parts even faster than before! KTM's dealer computer system will allow us to provide you with more accurate backorder ETAs and parts lookup capability. 

It's an exciting time for the Husqvarna brand! If you have any questions about the Husqvarna transition, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff. 

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