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Newsletter Edition: Aug 8, 2013

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Back to School Sale! Save 10%
Make sure your kid is decked out in all latest KTM gear when classes start this fall! AOMC makes it easy! has be best selection of KTM backpacks, t-shirts, shoes and school supplies! See the entire Back-to-School with KTM collection here. We know times are tough, use Coupon Code: SKOOL450 to save another 10% on your Back-to-School Supplies or Parts & Accessories order! Hurry! Coupon Code expires Sunday night at midnight (Eastern Time).

August is here and that means the school year is soon to begin and racing season is winding down. This is a great opportunity to set new goals and strive for greatness. As the 2013 season is drawing to an end, riders of all ages begin making preperations for the 2014 season. We at would like to say thank you for a great racing season and look forward to many more.

Moto Carnivale 2013 Schedule
If you are in our area the weekend of August 23rd be sure to stop by and attend our Moto Carnivale. For more information, visit the Facebook event page. Be sure to invite all your moto friends!

Friday Aug 23 - Shane Watts Dirtwise seminar (seminar defined as a look into what a Dirtwise school is all about)
Saturday Aug 24 - Open House & Demo Rides at AOMC

Ogio RedBull Signature Series
A one of a kind partnership, Ogio and Red Bull have teamed up to produce the Red Bull Signature Series Bag Collection. Completed in brushed gray, blue and red highlights, these limited edition bags are made to not only stand out everywhere you go but to give you the absolute finest way to haul your gear and possessions. Click here to see the entire collection. This limited edition product from Ogio is scheduled for delivery on September 1st. The Red Bull Signature Series is extremely limited and will sell out! Pre order yours today to guarantee delivery!

Gold for Blazusiak at X-Games
Red Bull/KTM rider Taddy Blazusiak of Poland picked up his second X-Games gold medal of the season at the Men’s EnduroX in Los Angeles on Sunday. His teammate factory FMF/KTM rider Mike Brown took the silver while Maria Forsberg and Tarah Geiger took the silver and bronze medals in the woman’s event.

In his heat race, from an inside gate, Blazusiak jumped out front quickly to take the holeshot. Blazusiak led all six laps of his heat race to easily transfer to the main event. Brown was also cleaned up in his heat to put himself in the main with his teammate 

In the main event, it was Blazusiak who grabbed the holeshot with Brown and Taylor Robert in tow.  Blazusiak started to feel the pressure of Mike Brown as the two riders came into the matrix section side by side on lap three. Then Brown made a slight mistake and Blazusiak was able to stretch his lead. Meanwhile, Brown was on the gas and was making inroads into Taddy’s lead when he had a small off in the rock section that put him back to fourth. He was quickly back on the bike as passed Cody Webb for third before exiting the water obstacle before taking second from Colton Haaker in the firewood. He was off in pursuit of Brown with two laps to go, Taddy had it in the bag and the KTM riders came home with both the gold and silver. 

Taddy Blazusiak: “I am feeling the best I’ve felt all year coming into this race. The track was really different than what we’re used to, but I was very prepared and I’m happy to leave with a gold medal.” 

Silver and bronze for KTM in Women’s event
KTM also had a great showing in the Women’s EnduroX class, with Maria Forsberg and Tarah Gieger taking both the silver and bronze medal. KTM support rider  Gieger got the holeshot to take the early lead and Factory FMF/KTM rider Maria Forsberg was in the mix with a fourth place start. Gieger crashed a number of times in the next laps and slipped to fifth but her motocross skills allowed her to make up time doubling through the rhythm sections. Forsberg was in second place by lap four but never got the chance to challenge Laia Sanz for the top spot.
Overall Results X-Games Men’s EnduroX 
1.    Taddy Blazusiak – KTM  (Gold)
2.    Mike Brown - KTM (Silver)

3.    Cody Webb
4.    Colton Haaker 
5.    Taylor Robert
6.    David Knight
7.    Cory Graffunder
8.    Justin Soule
9.    Kyle Redmond – KTM 
10.  Gary Sutherlin – KTM 
11.   Destry Abbott
12.   Ty Tremaine – KTM 

Overall Results X-Games Women’s EnduroX 
1.    Laia Sanz
2.    Maria Forsberg – KTM  (Silver)
3.    Tarah Gieger – KTM (Bronze)

4.    Sandra Gomez Cantero
5.    Rachel Gutish
6.    Kacy Martinez – KTM 
7.    Chantelle Bykerk – KTM
8.    Shelby Turner
9.    Maria Franke
10.  Lexi Pechout 


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