Jonny Walker, KTM’s Extreme Enduro specialist may have been still recovering from a bout of glandular fever that put him in hospital recently but he still rose to the occasion in Kemer Turkey in the 2012 Red Bull Sea to Sky.

Saturday's Beach Race offered a chance for Jonny Walker to exercise his MX skills in the deep sand beach course in Kemer on the Turkish Riviera. Even though he missed the start, the British rider managed to power his way into the lead in the opening lap. He went on to reach speeds of up to 130 km/h, dismissing all the opposition in the mass start race modus to take victory by 14 seconds from Xavi Galindo of Spain and 53 seconds in front of tough German evergreen Endurist Andreas "Letti" Lettenbichler.

Right after the Beach Race the riders advanced to the paddock for a quick service to get the bikes prepared for the Forest Race where a range of single trails, gravel tracks and hills and steep downhills was on the program. Walker as winner of the Beach Race was first off followed by Galindo and Lettenbichler. Graham Jarvis, who had already won the Red Bull Sea to Sky Cliff Champ competition (timed short special stage at the initial press conference) two days before, once again put in a top performance passing Austria's Lars Enöckl (KTM), Lettenbichler and Galindo and constantly closing in on Walker. At the finish line, the "silent assassin" Jarvis was about two minutes faster than Letti in second with Walker close behind in third.

The wily Graham Jarvis was then in the box seat for Sunday’s Mountain Race – 48 km of hard riding from the beach at Kemer up the Tahtali Mountain to 2,365 m and it took the veteran rider two hours 16 minutes to reach the summit. Walker trailed by five minutes and KTM rider Paul Bolton (UK) was third, some 14 minutes behind. Jarvis remarked at the end of the race that the track had been ‘superb and ride-able in all sections.’ “Jonny (Walker) pushed me to the limit,” he said after the race.

Results Beach Race
1. Jonny Walker (GB), KTM, 21:52 min
2. Xavier Galindo (E), Husaberg, 22:06
3. Andreas Lettenbichler (D), Husqvarna, 22:45
4. Lars Enöckl (A), KTM, 23:00
5. Graham Jarvis (GB), Husaberg, 23:15
6. Harry Neumayr (A), KTM, 23:16
7. Paul Bolton (GB), KTM, 23:34
8. Bob Pudor (D), KTM, 23:59
9. Alex Manuel (D), KTM, 24:06

10. Rienk Tuinstra (NL), Husaberg, 24:11

Results Forest Race
1. Graham Jarvis (GB), Husaberg, 1:08:39 hour
2. Andreas Lettenbichler (D), Husqvarna, 1:10:28
3. Jonny Walker (GB), KTM, 1:10:34
4. Xavier Galindo (E), Husaberg, 1:10:54
5. Paul Bolton (GB), KTM, 1:12:35
6. Lars Enöckl (A), KTM, 1:14:58
7. Philipp Scholz (D), KTM, 1:16:20
8. Harry Neumayr (A), KTM, 1:17:07
9. René Dietrich (D), KTM, 1:17:15

10. Forster Gerhard (D), Husqvarna, 1:18:34

Results Mountain Race (Main Event)
1. Graham Jarvis (GB), Husaberg, 2:16:19 hours
2. Jonny Walker (GB), KTM, 2:21:36
3. Paul Bolton (GB), KTM, 2:30:08

4. Andreas Lettenbichler (D), Husqvarna, 2:33:13
5. Xavi Galindo (E), Husaberg, 2:34:58
6. Philipp Scholz (D), KTM, 2:51:15
7. Lars Enöckl (A), KTM, 2:59:48
8. Harry Neumayr (A), KTM, 3:00:19

9. Gerhard Forster (D), Husqvarna, 3:01:21
10. René Dietrich (D), KTM, 3:09:36

Start Red Bull Sea to Sky 2012

Jonny Walker (middle) winner of the beach race

Dusty conditions at sea level

Red Bull gives you wings

Austrian Lars Enöckl on his KTM 250 EXC Six Days 2012

Enöckl in the foggy mountain area

Graham Jarvis (middle) wins the main event at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2012

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