Husaberg Signs British Graham Jarvis As Extreme Enduro Factory Rider

Husaberg Signs British Graham Jarvis As Extreme Enduro Factory Rider

Husaberg is pleased to announce to have signed the agreement with the Extreme Enduro rider Graham Jarvis as a factory rider for Extreme Enduro races. Graham has established himself as one of the top riders in Extreme Enduro in the past seasons and won most of the toughest races this year, where only a couple of riders managed to reach the finish line.

The experienced British will compete for Husaberg in 2013 races such as The Tough One, Hells Gate, Erzberg, Red Bull Romaniacs, Extreme Lagares, Red Bull Sea to Sky and The Roof of Africa. He may also participate in other events worldwide if it is possible to include them into his racing schedule.

Born in UK Graham won his first Trial at the age of 10 and worked his way up to World Championship level where he was a regular contender for tip results from the season 1996 on. He claimed his first World Championship round win in 2001 and has won the Scott Trial for 9 times so far.

As the sport of Extreme Enduro became more popular he decided to give it a go and found the support of a team in Italy. He was riding for “Flite Extreme Husaberg Racing Team since 2009. He proved the durability and performance of the Husaberg TE 300 while becoming invincible in the enduro world. With his unconditional will to win, passion and dedication he has simply dominated extreme enduro in recent years by winning all-bar the Erzbergrodeo on his Husaberg.

Flite Team has now decided to withdraw from the enduro scene at the end of 2012 and to focus its interests on a new project. After three successful years they and Graham have decided to go separate ways. His contract expires at the end of 2012, and then Graham will continue his career aboard the TE 300 in a very well deserved factory-supported role – as the Husaberg extreme enduro factory rider.    

Graham about the upcoming season under the patronage of Husaberg: “I’m delighted I am to be a factory Husaberg rider and look forward to working with my new team. I love the 2013 Husaberg and am really excited about the new season and working to defend my titles and hopefully gain a new one – Erzbergrodeo.”

Some of Graham’s major achievements so far:

- 2nd place Tough One’s Little Brother
- 3rd place Roof of Africa 2012
- 1st place Getzenrodeo 2012
- 1st place Ukupacha Ecuador 2012
- 1st place Red Bull Sea to Sky 2012
- 1st place Lagares Portugal 2012
- 6th place XGames L.A. 2012
- 1st place Red Bull Romaniacs 2012
- 1st place Red Bull City Scramble Auckland 2012
- 1st place Hells Gate 2012
- 1st place Tough One 2012
- 1st place Wildwood Australia 2011
- 1st place Roof of Africa 2011
- 1st place Ukapacha Ecuador 2011
- 1st place Red Bull Sea to Sky 2011
- 1st place Red Bull Romaniacs 2011
- 1st place Hells Gate 2011
- 1st place Tough One 2011
- 1st place Lagares Portugal 2011
- 2nd place Red Bull Romaniacs 2010
- 2nd place Hells Gate 2010
- 2nd place Erzberg Rodeo 2009
- 2nd place Hells Gate 2008
- 1st place Red Bull Romaniacs 2008

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