GasGas Motos releases Clay Stuckey of GasGas Offroad.US

GasGas Motos of Spain: Press Release  March 5th, 2014

GasGas Motos releases Clay Stuckey of GasGas Offroad.US

GasGas Motos of Spain has announced the immediate release of the enduro importer contract with Clay Stuckey of the US.   It is a disappointing end to an otherwise successful relationship but certain terms and agreements could not be met.  GasGas Motos of Spain knows that the US market is very important to them and is determined to show its commitment to the US and its passionate dirt bike enthusiast.   After several mediocre importer relationships GasGas is showing its commitment by starting the process of starting their own subsidiary for the USA.

We are committed to our dealers that have been with us through the last 15 years and we look forward to creating new relationships as well.  We are determined to be a part of the US industry and are committed to making the changes necessary to be here. To assist us, GasGas Motos has asked for the interim support of Jim Snell from Rising Sun Imports as CFO and Mark Berg of Gofasters Offroad as operations and marketing during this transition.

Jim Snell of Rising Sun has been involved with GasGas for the US market for over 20 years with an extensive relationship with the GasGas factory. 

Mark Berg of GoFasters has been working directly with the factory since 2005 and been involved with the dealer network since 2007.

Additionally, a new National Sales Manager has been chosen and will be introduced in the next few days.

We wish the Stuckey family the best of luck and success in the future.

More exciting announcements and implementations will be forthcoming.  For further questions or inquiries, please contact Mark Berg with GoFasters via email or phone. or 320-839-7143


GoFasters Offroad
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Name: Mark Berg
Title: Operations/Marketing
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