Orders: What do I do if my items are on backorder?

Backorder means our distributor is out of stock on the product in question. If you have ordered parts that are on backorder, you will be notified via email. You may cancel backordered items at any time by sending us an email or replying to your backorder notification. There is no need to reorder any back ordered items.

We do attempt to provide you with the best information on product availability and understand that backorder's can be inconvenient. Please visit this link for more information on item availability Is this item in stock?

The majority of our distributors provide estimated ship dates for the majority of their back ordered product. These dates, if available, are provided in the backorder notifications. These ETA's reflect when the supplier expects to ship them to us. Please remember, these are only estimated dates and are subject to change.

Backorders are often seen in regards to items that are rare or in high demand. Backordered items are filled on a first come first serve basis. Please keep this in mind if you're considering canceling a backordered item.

Please feel free to request an update at any time. We will attempt to communicate any changes we learn of regarding existing backorders; however suppliers often do not update AOMC regarding changes to ETA's, etc.. Backordered items are shipped as soon as they are received and may ship without notification. 

You will be charged for Backordered items when placing your order and they will automatically ship as soon as they arrive to us.

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