Items: The product I would like to order is Superseded, what does that mean?

Def. Supersede: to take the place of; or replace.

Here at this means that the product you are looking for has been replaced or updated, by KTM, with a newer product. Any Superseded product that you find in our database will be followed by another Product Number, this product number is the new product number that the old product has been superseded to.

Here is an example: 58111052000 is Superseded by 57011052200

Another way products can be Superseded is by multiple other product numbers. This happens when an assembly is no longer sold as a full unit, and is updated and sold as individual parts. If this happens the product you are looking for will be named Superseded by Multiple. In this case there will be a list of product numbers that this product is superseded to in the description section of the product view.

Here is an example: 59036020044 is Superseded by Multiple

These are the products its superseded to:
59036020144 CYLINDER HEAD CPL.450/520 '03
59039090100 SPARK PLUG CONNECT. VD05EG '03
59039093100 SPARK PLUG NGK DCPR8E '03

If you need any additional help with superseded parts, please email

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