Orders: Can I cancel my order?



The short answer is, unfortunately, no. There are a few reasons for this and there are also a few exceptions. Any time that it is reasonably possible we do try to accommodate this request.

Why can't I cancel my order? 

You have agreed to purchase these items. During checkout, you agreed to purchase the items in your order according to our Terms & Conditions. It also clearly states that once your order is submitted, it cannot be canceled. 

Immediately after we receive your order, we begin to process it as quickly as possible to ensure you the best turnaround time available. Orders for items that are in stock ship immediately. Orders for items that require special orders are also ordered from our distributors some times multiple times a day, again to ensure a speedy turnaround time for your order. It is important to note that we cannot cancel your items from our distributor's orders once they have been placed (for the same exact reasons listed on this page). 

Why can't we simply return your canceled items to our distributor? In most cases not regarding closeout or electrical items, we are able to return these items. However, the cost of the restocking fee (yes we have to pay restocking fees), return shipping and manpower associated often outweigh the benefits of returning the items. Simply put, if you do not purchase the items you have agreed to purchase, we end up buying them for you. 

What are the exceptions?

I'm glad you asked, there are some common-sense exceptions to this policy. 

Items that are not currently available can always be canceled before they release. This includes backorders and of course discontinued items (discontinued items are automatically canceled). Items that are directly associated with back-ordered or discontinued items can also be canceled. For example, if you order matching pants, jersey and gloves and the jersey are back-ordered or no longer available, you can also cancel the pants and gloves. 

You can also cancel an order before it gets processed (before the order is invoiced or before the items get ordered from our distributor). This can sometimes be extremely difficult to do since all the orders received overnight are processed in the morning before we open. 

Why are you torturing me?

It is important for small businesses to have clear and fair policies and stick to them. Our policies are intended to be in the best interests of both our business and our customers and to ensure the possibility of this continuing relationship. These policies are in no way intended to single out or intentionally harm or harass anyone in any way but we do understand that people will disagree with us and come to their own conclusions. That's why these policies are posted and explained as clearly as possible.  

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